We Has Awl Gots to Has A Bortion!!!!

Apple Introduced 'Pregnant Man' Emoji to be Trans Inclusive, But Some Users  are Angry

Hear “at” Collidge we has awl gots to go Out “and” Demminstrait for bortions,, butt frist we hadded a lexture!! so thatt we whil Know “waht” we “are” tawlking abuot!!!!

So we heerded awl abuot a heero naimed Rovy Waid, he maid a bortion leegle!!!!! He toled the Soupreem Cort waht to do and thay “done” It!!!!! Ownly nhow the Soupreem Cort thay has broke the Law!!!!! Thay woont Let Preganint Peeple has bortions!!!!!!

So we the Stoodint Soviet we has deesided “that” “fromb” nhow On evry boddy thay has got to has a bortion! weather thay Whant “it” Or Not!!!! Becose Bortions thay whil Saive The Plannit!!!!!!!!!!

We “are” awl goingto has a Bortion!!! Evry stoodint heer “At” Collidge have got “to” get pregganint and has a Bortion!!!! Baybys thay are No Good annyhaow!!!! Whoo kneads themb?? Beeing pregganint it is jist “a” dizzeeze!!! Like meezles! Or hooping cauff!! And annywhay yiu “Are Not” a purson unlest And Untill yiu voat foar Jobydin!!!!! Thats’ waht we lurnt “in” our lexture, It was Grate!!!!

And of coarse this here it “is” awl Donold Trumpt’s fawlt!!!!!! But we can ficks it iff evry boddy thay Has a Bortion!!!

Well I gotto go And demminstrait nhow!!!!!!


Swalwell: Court Will Ban Interracial Marriage

Why #FartGate was trending and continues to be a hot topic of debate in the  US | Trending News,The Indian Express

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Mordor), famous for cutting loose with a big loud fart on national TV, has now gone himself one better, insisting that the next step for the Supreme Court will be to ban interracial marriage (https://justthenews.com/government/congress/black-republicans-target-swalwells-claim-gop-will-ban-interracial-marriage).

“The Republicans won’t stop with banning abortions,” he said. “They want to ban interracial marriage.”

Uh… Has anybody suggested that? Looks like it’s only Old Farty going off in that direction. Got any evidence for it, Windy?

Republican Congressional candidate Wesley Hunt, who is black, and whose wife is white, was not amused by Swalwell’s remarks. “Republicans are celebrating diversity while white liberals like yourself race-bait,” he said.

Hint: That is what white liberals do. They also resort to hysterics, and often violence, whenever anyone crosses them in any matter. They’re beside themselves over the latest perceived threat to abortion, which is to them a kind of sacrament.

Expect to hear a lot more flatulent nonsense between now and Election Day.

Prediction: Once they’re convinced they’re going to lose, Democrats will try to prevent the election.

‘Flatline Churches Rally ‘Round Abortion’ (2018)

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Disgusting, isn’t it?

Do you ever wonder why God doesn’t just take a broom and sweep this planet clean? And there things said and done today–in His name, no less–that make you fear Him running out of patience?

Flatline Churches Rally ‘Round Abortion

“Reproductive justice?” I’m surprised their tongues don’t shrivel at the roots.

Someday the people who posed grinning for this picture will find themselves in another kind of picture altogether.

‘Liam Neeson, Abortion-Loving Idiot’ (2015)

See the source image

Unborn babies, beware–he’s coming for you.

So the guy they had to host the Oscars this year is suddenly disqualified because he once told a couple of homo jokes and now he’s got to finish “evolving”–into what, I dunno–and suddenly they don’t have anybody to host the Oscars.

Yo, Hollywood, I’ll do it! “Welcome to this year’s left-wing jidrool extravaganza, complete with movies that normal people wouldn’t watch if you threw in free popcorn…”

But has anybody asked if Liam Neeson is available? Last heard from denouncing Christianity and praising abortion, he’d be right up their street.


Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever watched the Oscars in my life. How about you?


Flatline Churches Rally ‘Round Abortion

Image result for images of clergy for choice

Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain… unless you’re a “progressive Christian,” then it’s okay.

When the Son of Man returns, will He find faith in the earth?

Maybe–if He stays away from certain churches.

An ordained Presbyterian pastor, Rebecca Todd Peters, who is a professor at Elon University, has authored a book titled Trust Women: a Progressive Christian Argument for Reproductive Justice (https://www.lifenews.com/2018/08/29/presbyterian-pastor-if-christians-truly-value-women-they-will-support-abortion/). Yowsah, yowsah, says the preacher: if Christians truly “value” women, why, they’ll support abortion!

Not to be outdone, the United Methodist Church is proposing to change its kinda-sorta-not exactly position on abortion to “We support abortion!”

Both the Presbyterian “minister” and the Methodist churchmen resort to the euphemism, “reproductive health.” Like, pregnancy is a disease and the baby is the symptom. Like, a woman going to have a baby is not “healthy.”

Look at the title of Ms. Peters’ book. “Progressive Christian” is surely an oxymoron, like “colossal olives.” “Progressive Christians” oppose God’s word at every turn. They hate God’s word. And as for “reproductive justice,” what is that? Justice for whom? Certainly not for the baby in the womb. But when liberals speak of “justice,” it becomes a dirty word.

What is with these churches? They “marry” homosexuals, denounce God the Father as a relic of some imaginary “patriarchy”–or is that term now “kyriarchy,” or “archiarchy”?–butcher the scriptures, and then wonder why they’re hemorrhaging members. At the rate they’re going, the Presbyterian Church USA won’t see the 22nd century.

Then again, you might say that for our whole global humanist lunatic civilization.