Things You Don’t Have to Let Your Cat Do

Contrary to what seems to be an increasingly popular belief, you do not have to let your cat pull down your Christmas tree. None of the cats we’ve had ever attempted to climb the tree. Just put a couple of marbles inside an aluminum can and shake it whenever the cat gets too friendly with the tree. But with some cats you don’t even have to do that. They just naturally don’t pull down the Christmas tree.

As for putting Santa hats or reindeer antlers on the cat, which he sure as shootin’ doesn’t like at all–well, you’ll deserve what’s coming to you. Your cat will think of something you don’t like.

7 comments on “Things You Don’t Have to Let Your Cat Do

  1. Thank goodness, I never had a cat that climbed trees in the house, but
    I did have one that messed around with a vining house plant, so I had to
    move it.

  2. I’ve had my two little kittens for about 6 weeks now. They were 10 weeks old when they came to me. They are SO loveable. They keep me smiling and laughing. I’m not fast enough with the camera to get good video when they are doing something funny, or I’d sent it.

    I do have one concern. I am in my late 70s but in good health. However, I know that falls are probably my worst threat. These two little ones love to weave in and out of my feet, even when I’m walking. I worry about tripping over them at some point, with dire consequences to all of us.

    They are learning other things very well. How do I gently get them to stop doing that without hurting their feelings?

    1. Well, Evelyn, you’ll have to do what Patty did when our two cats were kittens–adopt a kind of shuffling gait, not lifting your feet off the floor, when you suspect they might be primed to get underfoot: especially when it’s dark! Eventually they learn to get out of the way… most of the time.
      Our cat Buster got stepped on at least once a day. His sister, Missy, never got stepped on. Two very different personalities at work.
      You’ll just have to be careful! Robbie and Peep don’t get stepped on anymore, but it took two or three years for that to happen.

  3. Be vigilant and aware, but if you react to what they are doing loudly it might help. Animals don’t process feelings the same way we do. If you let them know that they are misbehaving, they won’t hold it against you.

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