The Mask Comes Off

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This week a Democrat Congressman, Ted Lieu of California (where else?), said, publicly, “I would love to be able to regulate the content of speech, but the First Amendment stops me” ( This was said in the context of a Congressional hearing on the social media giants, Google and Facebook, and their censorship of conservatives.

Lieu added that “over the long run, it’s better the government does not regulate the content of speech.”

Oh, please. The government doesn’t have to do it, if Google and Facebook do it for them! Let the social media monopolies do the dirty work. They’ve been doing a a fine job of it, so far.

And before we heave a sigh of relief over the First Amendment, just imagine how this would play out with a Supreme Court packed by, say, Hillary Clinton–or any other Democrat. What do you want to bet that those judges, citing “the living Constitution” that has replaced that crummy old original, would quickly discover all sorts of “nuances” that would restrict free speech to the Far Left Crazy, to the exclusion of the rest of us? Free speech for liberals, censorship for everybody else.

Sort of like the way they do it on college campuses, these days.

If we entrust the Democrat Party with any role in governance, we’ll suffer for it. But good.

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  1. Ted may just get what he wants. The new house-to-house gun seizure bill, sponsored by Rep Brooks and supported by 6 democrats & 9 RINOs, would trash 4 amendments – 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th – as well as steal what’s left of the powers of the States . And we the people would be forced to “pay” for this through the federal government’s plan to send tens of billions of dollars to the states to enforce this bill. Add nullification to the rest of what this bill would kill.

    1. The NRA says it would not object to this, so long as there were due process. The proposal is to pre-emptively seize guns from persons deemed to be “dangerous”. Hmm. By whom? You’d think there would have to be a court order: they couldn’t just go door-to-door confiscating everybody’s guns. I think that would be apt to start a civil war.

    2. Somehow I don’t think due process is what they’d get AFTER the midnight raids! I believe the liberals on both sides want to confiscate our guns before 2020. They got away with stealing the midterms and changing our Constitution to put a muslim MB supporter in congress. So what they are now planning to do to put one of theirs into the White House might just be the riots that are long overdue. Hopefully, the 66,000 sealed indictments are unsealed before then.

    3. There really aren’t that many people who are bona fide Far Left Crazy. If they got the regular people mad enough, they’d perish in a day.

    4. So true and I must remember that. Thank you. Especially when 90% of my emails from conservative sites contain article after article telling us what the mad leftists are doing and saying – giving them free press and a bigger voice than they deserve. As if I gave a whit! There’s as much leftist chicanery on so-called conservative sites as there is in the fakestream media, and none of it is a call to arms. I for one am totally “mad enough.”

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