Joe Collidge Lives… at Yale

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Somehow this slogan didn’t apply to vaccine “mandates.”

Students and staff at Yale Law School are freaking out over the prospect of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, the 1973 ruling that “legalized” abortion nationwide without benefit of any legislation (

Dig these comments, from, er, law students:

*Conservative students should be subjected to “unrelenting daily confrontation” everywhere on campus.

*The Constitution is irrelevant and “Democratic [sic] institutions won’t save us.” We don’t need no stinkin’ First Amendment.

*It’s all the work of “conspirators in the Christo-fascist takeover” of America. Their woke commie takeover, good. Ours, bad.

And this is all for the sake of abortion: the “right” to assassinate an unborn baby. It’s very hard to understand this Democrat fetish. Maybe Proverbs says it best: “All they that hate me love death” (Proverbs 8: 36).

Now We Meen Bizniss!!!!

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I jist “kneiw” Jobydin he wood Do Grate things as pressadint!

He is goingto “Set Up” a Byuro of Miss Infomacion… oops! I shood of sayed Ms. Infomacion,, yiu cant Say “Miss” no moar!!!!! And ze whill shut down awl “the” Hater Biggits on “the” Socile Meedia,, ze whil shut themb up And shut themb down and noboddy thay woont be Abel To say things the guvvermint doughnt Like!! Iff thay doughnt like waht the Peeples Demmacrap Party it is serving “up” well That “is” jiost Two Bad foar themb!!!!!!!!!! No-one thay whil Notbe aloud to tawk no moar!!! unlest thay say waht The Guvvermint whants “To” heer!!!!

Ms. Infomacion ze whil Coumb Down “on” themb and Senser all Hat Speach!!!! Thay woont dair to say Nothing at awl!!! (PS, ze was oncet a Byuty Quean i thinck it was in Mastachoositts).

This it shood of bin Dun yeers And yeers Ago!!!! Like waht Is “the” Poynt of hasing a Intranett iff “Consarvatiffs” thay are aloud to poast stuph tooo??? Thay shood be Sylintsed!!!!! and nhow thayr Goingto be Be!!

Doughnt whirry abaot no Frist Ammenmint!!!! Thare whil styll “be” Freee Speach for evry boddy who say The Rihght Things!!!!!!


‘The Leftids’ War on Christianity’ (2018)

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Do you ever get the feeling that all of this horrible nooze we live with is only a horrible dream? And that all you have to do is wake up, and none of it will have happened?

The Leftids’ War on Christianity

A condo building in Florida–so much for that Red & Blue state stuff!–a few years ago banned Christian music, banned people getting together to listen to it, or to share Bible study, or to pray… Can you imagine the explosion, the eruption, if they banned rap “music”? But of course they had to persecute the Christians–because some atheist “complained.”

Why do we let these things be done? And no, I don’t know why.

‘Yes, We Need the Pastor Protection Act’ (2016)

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I haven’t got the heart to illustrate this with any kind of picture of a pseudo-marriage. Here are a couple of nice puppies instead.

A few years ago, some people began to realize that the Constitution won’t protect our religious liberties unless five Supreme Court justices enforce it. So Texas, then Florida, and then Ohio passed “pastor protection acts” to prevent the state from forcing churches to perform homosexual parodies of marriage.

Yes, We Need the Pastor Protection Act

Democrats have always had conniptions over this. They really hate religious freedom. They think you should worship them instead of God.

Is it so hard to imagine a Blue state issuing a “Mandate”–they love mandates!–requiring all churches to perform those pseudo-marriages?

They’ll have us in the arena with the lions next.

The Regime: ‘Too Much Free Speech!’

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The Regime’s new assistant secretary of education, Ima Thugg, has complained about the “free speech zones” found on many college campuses.

“It don’t matter how small they are!” said Ms. Thugg, who has half a doctorate in Gender Studies that she got when she was a woman, and another half she got as a “man.” “I don’t care if it ain’t no bigger than a postage stamp! Because guess what! The sound carries outside the free speech zone! It defeats the whole porpoise of the thing!”

Ah! But there is an answer to the problem. “I seen this on TV,” said Dr. Thugg, “it was in a education show called Get Smart. They had this thing called The Cone of Silence that came down on top of them when they wanted to talk in private and didn’t want no one to hear what they said.

“So if you was to go into the free speech zone and this here plastic cone came down on top of you so that nobody could hear you, then even if you said Hate Speech or something it wouldn’t matter because you’d be in the Cone of Silence and nobody would hear anything you said! And that takes care of any stupid First Amendment problems!”

The Dept. of Education will now seek approval from the Chinese Communist Party to spend $355 billion on cones of silence.

‘How About Just “Some” Religious Freedom?’ (2015)

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It’ll do for a religious freedom zone. Note the mayor in the background.

And to think this was written five years before anybody thought of shutting down our churches in the name of you-know-what!

How About Just ‘Some’ Religious Freedom?

How big is government going to get before it bursts?

I wonder if I’m shadow-banned.

‘Dictatorship 101’ (2014)

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Our march toward communism–led by Democrats and the nooze media

Hey! Remember this little tidbit from the last Democrat regime? They were gonna put “government monitors”–translation: a good squad–in the newsrooms to make sure they got the kind of coverage they wanted. As if that regime ever got anything but the most fawning, obsequious, boot-licking praise from our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc.

Dictatorship 101

They wound up not doing it because word of the scheme got leaked from the Federal Communications Commission before the regime was ready to launch. There was a public uproar and the plan was scrapped… for a more propitious time.


‘You Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Say That!’

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My Newswithviews column this week, “Republican Cowards,” had to do with… well, Republican cowards.

Republican Cowards

I got a lot of emails about this, almost all of them enthusiastically agreeing with me. But there was one bad apple in the barrel.

This guy said he hoped the FBI would swoop down on me for sayin’ these bad, bad things. Free speech is one thing, he said, but… this? Way out of line! You just can’t say things like that!!! Unless, of course, you’re a Democrat and the president is Donald Trump. Then there’s absolutely nothing you can say that’s out of bounds.

I grew up thinking I lived in a country in which I had a God-given right to free speech, that the government had no power to take away from me. Why did I think that? Because everybody said so. Because the First Amendment to the Constitution, the law of the land, said so. Right there in black and white, for anyone to see.

Now we’ve got all these characters out there–almost all of them Democrats–who think the government should restrict the content of Americans’ speech. They think you should be free to say only things approved by the government. And woe unto you if you don’t!

This is alien to America, it is not American, it has crept into our culture from somewhere outside, then hatches into a parasite that attacks us from within.

But hey! That’s what President Trump’s no-longer-in-office “impeachment” trial is about, isn’t it? Show the proles you can’t buck the ruling class, even if you’re a billionaire like Donald Trump. Throw a scare into us! If they can do this to him, what chance have I got?

How things change! When I was undergoing “orientation” to prepare for Rutgers University, every other word out of their mouths was about the glory, the glamor, and the absolute sheer necessity for… Dissent! It was an end in itself, it was the highest civic virtue, and anyone who doesn’t dissent is a villain and a dastard. Etc., etc.

Let’s see how much dissent they tolerate, now that they’ve got their monkey in the White House.

Cal U. Wastes $800G Trying to Shut Down Satire

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Eight hundred thousand smackers. That’s what California University spent trying to silence The Koala, a satirical student newspaper that mocked the university for “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” (

The university’s student soviet–sorry! should be “student government”–complained about the paper–which had $450 funding from the university–and university officials moved to quash the satire. Now they’ll have to pay The Koala $12,000 in damages and another $150,000 in attorneys’ fees, plus over $600,000 for their own attorneys’ fees. Your tuition (and tax) dollars at work!

The ruling was handed down by the 9th Circuit Court. The original lawsuit was filed by The Koala’s editors five years ago.

So we still have the freedom to make fun of fat-heads and the tyrannical restrictions they try to impose on our First Amendment rights.

Why do we continue to fund these so-called universities? They’re nothing but Far Left indoctrination farms. They do nothing but try to make us less free. Why do we have to pay them to screw up our country?

It’s time to stop the funding. Let them sink or swim in the free market.

What Will the Democrats Do to Us?

Good Democrats - Take Your Party Back | Slanted Media

This is no time for sitting around waiting for the mythical Righteous Candidate to come along. How can I stress it strongly enough? If the Democrats win this election, America is over. Kaput. Finished.

I say that based on the things I hear them say and the things I see them do. They sponsor and encourage street violence. They never allow themselves to be restrained by law or common decency. Their proposed policies, e.g. the Green New Deal, are suicidally insane.

When they succeed in packing the Supreme Court, as they have said they’re going to do, there will be no law to stop them from doing anything they please. And what pleases them is tyranny.

You see what they do on college campuses. They would like to do the same everywhere else: no more First Amendment. You’ll say what Black Lives Matter tells you to say, or suffer really nasty consequences. Jail time for using the “wrong” pronoun. Jail time for “climate change denial.” But a free pass if you’ve robbed a store or torched somebody’s car. Most of the criminals will be let out of prison. Normal people will be jailed in their place.

Sweetheart deals with Red China will destroy what’s left of our economy. But that’s OK with Dems: people are easier to control when they’re poor and demoralized. As long as John Kerry gets to keep his private jet, who cares what chunks of America get sold off to enemy countries?

If you have to crawl over broken glass to vote for Donald Trump, do it. Apart from the sovereign will of God, this president is all we have standing between us and the destruction of our republic.