Dogs: Smart Enough to be Dumb?

What are we to make of an animal who finds a patch of the thickest, blackest, slimiest mud imaginable–and sticks his face in it? And then there’s the old conundrum of how to carry the long stick through the narrow passageway. This has stymied many dogs, although any parrot can figure it out in a few seconds.

But just try making Lassie with a parrot or a cat, and see how far you get…

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One response to “Dogs: Smart Enough to be Dumb?

  • Unknowable

    If Lassie had been played by a parrot, she could have done a much better job of answering when they wanted to know if Timmie fell in the well. Parrot Lassie would have answered in plain English. 🙂

    I think that all animals reveal something to us with regard to the many facets of our Creator’s personality. Dogs tend to be happy go lucky, facing life with cheer and quick to forgive. Cats strike me as being quiet observers of life, offering an opinion only when the time is just right. They are also zealous in their guardianship, ready to defend their domain from anything that moves, might move in the future, or looks as if it may have moved in the past. If the moving object happens to be one of your bare feet, under a blanket, there could be pain involved, but somehow I always react like a dog and forgive after exclaiming my pain.


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