J&J – El Condor Pasa

Here are our friends Joshua and Jeremy playing “El Condor Pasa,” once upon a time (before they were born!) a major Simon & Garfunkel hit. Guys–next time, sing it, too.   –LD

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  1. I commented on this at Joshua’s blog earlier, but just wanted to post here that this is well worth the time to watch. This is well played and sounds quite good.

    1. You’d think someone who grew up watching “Combat” on TV would instantly grasp the meaning of “Yankee Whiskey”–but it did puzzle me for a moment there.

  2. Great tune and love the natural fiber tops! Talk about synchronicity! Only last week I bought a guitar and a guitalele after a 20 years gap in guitar ownership and now I have a new tune to play!

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