Memory Lane: Droodles

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“Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch”

Remember “Droodles”? Probably not, unless you’re older than me. Humorist Roger Price–remember him?–launched this fad in 1953, which culminated in a “Droodles” game show on TV for a few months in 1954.

I have received a review copy of The Ultimate Droodles Compendium (the absurdly complete collection of all the classic zany creations of Roger Price), copyright 2019/2020 by Tallfellow Press, Los Angeles. So it’s not yet for sale, but it will be soon.

Hey, this stuff is really funny! I got some nice LOLs out of it. “Droodles” are simple little drawings that don’t make sense until you read the caption. For a little while in 1953-54, Droodles were hot. Then it faded.

As a humorist, Roger Price excelled in pure nonsense and unexpected turns of phrase. He certainly had an unusual mind. I mean, really–“Ship arriving too late to save a drowning witch”? How did he ever think of that?

Anyhow, the “Compendium” is a nice, thick book with glossy pages and quite a few laughs along the way. I recommend it. If you can tolerate Oy, Rodney, you can probably put up with Droodles.

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7 responses to “Memory Lane: Droodles

  • Phoebe

    Yes, yes, I remember Droodles! I actually had the first of the books, and I even remembered the point of the Droodle you’ve reproduced before I saw the caption. But I never saw the TV show, since we didn’t have a television at the time.

    Roger Price had a wonderfully off-the-wall sense of humor. I wish I could remember which of his books demonstrated a physical defense move for women called the “Lucius Beebe Come-Along,” which made no sense whatsoever. And I still use one of his phrases meant to baffle an opponent in a debate (I think): “I had one grunch but the eggplant over there.”


  • Unknowable

    That was back in the day when humor was still legal. 🙂


  • thewhiterabbit2016

    Roger Price wrote for “The Bob Hope Show” and the “Tonight Show.” His Doodles are hilarious. Too bad there aren’t more video of him doing his doodles explaining.


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