Judge Smacks Down City’s Anti-Church ‘Law’

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Here we go again with the “pro-choice” crowd trying to take away normal people’s choices. This time it was the city of De Pere, Wisconsin, passing a new “anti-discrimination law” which would have classed churches as “places of public accommodation” as if they were city parks or taverns (https://www.wnd.com/2018/12/city-slapped-down-for-forcing-churches-to-bow-to-lgbt-agenda/).

The schmendricks on the city council, hand in glove with Organized Sodomy, wrote the, uh, “law” with no exemptions for religious groups. This would have given the city the power to force churches to allow same-sex parodies of marriage to be performed inside the church. From there the city might have gone on to demand to oversee–and censor– the content of sermons: it wouldn’t be the first time liberal loons in local government ran that one up the flagpole.

The scheme went belly-up last week when a county judge granted a summary judgment to the churches, who had sued to preserve their exemption on religious grounds. As of now, the “law” cannot apply to any churches in De Pere. Back to the drawing board, comrades. Oh, if only Hillary had been elected president!

It used to be laws focused on what you couldn’t do; and if you didn’t do any of those things, the authorities left you alone. Today, more and more, “laws” like to tell you what you must do, must say, must believe–all courtesy of your friendly neighborhood leftists.

We have our work cut out for us, to take our country back.

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7 responses to “Judge Smacks Down City’s Anti-Church ‘Law’

  • thewhiterabbit2016

    Wisconsin, a breeding ground for communism. Blame it on the liberal public school system & state finance colleges. Taking back the nation’s educational system is a must – privatize and localize as much as possible. Even Sweden had to go to a voucher system because their educational establishment had become so inept.

    • leeduigon

      Public education is too badly damaged to be repaired. It has to be scrapped. And we must be careful not to replace it with the same damned thing!

      PS–Do you know you won the carol contest?

  • Watchman

    Many churches, including my own, are into foreign missionaries. That’s fine, but they seen to be forgetting about our own country in the process, which has become just as pagan and backwards as some of these third world countries they are sending missionaries to. We desperately need missionaries in our own country, or we may find ourselves in prison one day for our beliefs.


    Shame on that town with its anti-Choice law (LGBT agenda); kudos to that judge though

  • Unknowable

    Thank God for a sane judge.

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