‘Say Bye-Bye to Religious Liberty’ (2015)

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Liberals will not rest until they destroy the Christian religion.

This is why they’re always trying to force Christians to take part in same-sex pseudo-marriages. In 2015 Australia was working on legislation to force the Roman Catholic Church to change its teachings. Here in America, the Obama crowd tried to dictate to churches whom they could hire to teach church school–but ran up against a 9-0 Supreme Court ruling.

Don’t expect that to happen again.

Say Bye-bye to Religious Liberty

Yes, now we have to wonder how our new government, that has no right to be there, that’s only there because of massive fraud, will go about dismantling our First Amendment.

The destruction of free speech is the jewel in the Democrats’ crown.

Think of It as Northern Venezuela

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One of these is Gov. Northam in his college days. We still don’t know which one.

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As long as they’re trying to erase the Second Amendment, Virginia’s new Democrat commissars have decided to have a go at the First Amendment, too. Which is why we need our right to bear arms…

A bill in the Michael-Bloomberg-bought-and-paid-for Virginia legislsature, HB1627, would make it a Class 1 misdemeanor, punishable by arrest and fine, to criticize the state government (https://nationalfile.com/virginia-dems-introduce-anti-free-speech-legislation-to-make-criticizing-them-illegal/?fbclid=IwAR3huQANFuwws2-W-opTRBYQO4OXycVdih2dCmg5CYgfM2Kh7l7QVUtsH9U).

The words actually used here are “threats and harassment of certain officials,” and, particularly, “harassment by computer.” The terms “threats” and “harassment” are left completely undefined.

If you should post a remark on a blog to the effect that “Gov. Northam is a baby-killing cannibal,” this bill would give the Richmond police the authority to swoop down on you no matter where you are in the state, and arrest you.

Specifically exempted from criticism, unflattering comments in the social media, or loud raspberries would be the governor, governor-elect, lieutenant governor, lieutenant governor-elect, attorney general, attorney general-elect, a member or employee [?] of the General Assembly, a justice of the state supreme court, or a judge of the court of appeals.

That pretty much covers it, don’tcha think?

Does any Democrat acknowledge any fragment of the Bill of Rights? That this bill is riotously, flagrantly, boisterously, uproariously unconstitutional seems to have occurred to none of them.

This is the Democrat Party, folks.

Crush them in November.

Wonderful News! 28 States Act to Restore Free Speech on Campus

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Its days are numbered

In the wake of President Trump’s executive order cutting off federal research grants to colleges and universities that refuse to honor the First Amendment’s guarantee of free speech, 28 states have enacted free speech legislation (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=12186).

Not only that–16 more have introduced such legislation and are currently working on it. Hey, that’s 44 out of 50! Iowa, Oklahoma, and Kentucky are the latest to come on board, with Texas expected to join them in a few days.

In general, the new laws stop the colleges from restricting free speech to “free speech zones,” limiting the free speech rights of students and faculty, withholding resources from anyone whose ideology doesn’t match the college’s.

America’s colleges and universities are currently infamous for enforcing uniformity of speech and thought. They call it “diversity.”

We’ll see if they keep on doing this, once it starts costing them.

Judge Smacks Down City’s Anti-Church ‘Law’

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Getting us all on the same page…

Oh, boy–nooze!

Here we go again with the “pro-choice” crowd trying to take away normal people’s choices. This time it was the city of De Pere, Wisconsin, passing a new “anti-discrimination law” which would have classed churches as “places of public accommodation” as if they were city parks or taverns (https://www.wnd.com/2018/12/city-slapped-down-for-forcing-churches-to-bow-to-lgbt-agenda/).

The schmendricks on the city council, hand in glove with Organized Sodomy, wrote the, uh, “law” with no exemptions for religious groups. This would have given the city the power to force churches to allow same-sex parodies of marriage to be performed inside the church. From there the city might have gone on to demand to oversee–and censor– the content of sermons: it wouldn’t be the first time liberal loons in local government ran that one up the flagpole.

The scheme went belly-up last week when a county judge granted a summary judgment to the churches, who had sued to preserve their exemption on religious grounds. As of now, the “law” cannot apply to any churches in De Pere. Back to the drawing board, comrades. Oh, if only Hillary had been elected president!

It used to be laws focused on what you couldn’t do; and if you didn’t do any of those things, the authorities left you alone. Today, more and more, “laws” like to tell you what you must do, must say, must believe–all courtesy of your friendly neighborhood leftists.

We have our work cut out for us, to take our country back.

For How Much Longer Will America Be Free?

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Tomorrow the U.S. Supreme Court will begin hearing a case whose outcome could abolish religious and artistic freedom in America: Masterpiece Cakeshop Ltd. vs. Colorado Civil Rights Commission (http://www.syracuse.com/opinion/index.ssf/2017/12/cake_wars_supreme_court_to_hear_case_on_artistic_expression_civil_rights.html).

In 2012 the state of Colorado crushed a Christian baker who refused to obey a demand that he create a custom cake for a “wedding” between two men. He claimed religious and artistic freedom. His custom cakes are works of art, each one unique; and no one ever questioned his policy of not creating cakes with alcohol content or cakes celebrating Halloween. There were, of course, countless other bakers who would have agreed to make the cake: but Big Sodomy and Big Government were determined to make an example of this baker. Scare all the others, don’t you know.

There are four flaming liberals on the Court who might as well not even hear the arguments: they will always vote against religious liberty. Then there’s Justice Anthony Kennedy, who once again finds himself acting as the most powerful man in America, a virtual dictator. Kennedy has a history of being head over heels in love with “gay rights,” so I think we know what he’s going to do. And presto, that’s five votes, and that’s the end of any meaningful application of the First Amendment.

Armed with this precedent, the “gays” can wage war on Christians in any field of public expression, be it art or politics. They will claim the right and the authority, backed up by the government, to dictate the content of works of art.

As a novelist, this makes me fear for my future. All it’ll take is one gay activist demanding that I include gay characters in my books: I refuse, and next thing I know, some (LOL) “civil rights” agency rules that I can’t write any more books, sentences me to sensitivity training, and threatens me with prison.

Think it can’t happen? Well, it already has, in Britain: an artist punished for not including content in his art that the government decided ought to be included. Seems the characters in his story lines weren’t “diverse” enough. His stories about rural English villages were too English. So first they “investigated” him–’cause, hey, y’know, he just might’ve committed a crime!–and then they kicked him off the TV show that he created and made an international hit: Midsomer Murders.(https://leeduigon.com/2016/11/02/and-then-they-came-for-our-fiction/)

I will be astonished if the Supreme Court doesn’t pounce on this opportunity to destroy religious freedom in America once and for all–to establish as a matter of law the principle that the only rights that count are “gay” rights: all others are to be subordinated.