This Takes the Cake

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Is asking a girl for a date a violation of her civil rights? “Civil rights” as laid out in that complicated government fantasy, Title IX, that is.

Well, yeah!

According to an “assistant vice chancellor of civil rights” at the University of Missouri–right there is a hint that UMo has way too much money and can’t think of anything constructive to do with it–“a man’s physical size could constitute a Title IX violation” (

Because, he babbled, being bigger than the girl makes the boy a “person of authority.” Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

The assistant vice chancellor of civil rights was giving a deposition in a lawsuit filed against the looniversity by a male student who was suspended for four years for asking a female student for a date.

Fill in the blank and win a tinfoil hat! I send my son/daughter to a university to be “educated” by fools and horses’ asses because ____________.”

4 comments on “This Takes the Cake

  1. hmmm. Just shows how far behind I am. I always thought that to fail to ask a girl to date was a diss, and considered mean or unfriendly, or??
    How wrong can you be?

    1. Oh, no, you’re right: Failing to ask is an attack. But so is asking. It’s called “Heads I win; tails you lose.” Welcome to the gulag.

  2. Taught adults and also had a break out session teaching kids at this retreat; taking a break and reading this makes me realize that when we preach and disciple families and the next generation this is what we’re up against among other things

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