Again: ‘Oh, Sinner Man’

No one’s been asking for hymns lately, and this one was in my head all day, so I’m on my own and here it is–Oh, Sinner Man: an old spiritual from the Caribbean, played here on a mandolin with the cold, island-dappled waters of Scotland for a background. And the sun, here and there, breaking through.

And the message is simple: don’t leave it till it’s too late, to seek the Lord.

3 comments on “Again: ‘Oh, Sinner Man’

  1. Sorry about the no song requests. Today has been a very busy day for me, and several problems to deal with, too. Hope to make up for it

  2. A nice haunting sound that goes well with the lyrics.

    Love the lighthouse picture! In this world enveloped in spiritual darkness, true Christians are light houses helping their neighbors avoid the rocks of deception.

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