Better Late than Never: Cat Video

I apologize for posting this video so late in the day. I was overcome by its high levels of cuteness, and have only just now recovered.

6 comments on “Better Late than Never: Cat Video

  1. A certain feline resident of this home, herself known for high levels of cuteness, found this video, and in particular, its soundtrack, to be very interesting. She reached behind the iPad and an attempt to contact those kittens in person. 🙂

  2. Thank you, Lee. I really needed an infusion of awwww this week. 🙂 Such adorable kitties, although apparently not very happy ones, with all that hollering and carrying on.

    Funny … all the kittens have such tiny ears. My boy Iggy (who was my first shorthair) had giant ears like a chihuahua when he was a kitten — and, I’m afraid, a big hook nose like a squirrel. But he was adorable and he leapt into my heart, where he still resides. And he finally grew into those ears and the nose. He’s a very handsome, elegant-looking cat now. Well, elegant most of the time.

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