Funny Cats and Goofy People

Yo, Einstein! Take the cat out of the bathtub, okay?

And then there’s the weird little box that makes strange noises when the cat moves close to it. Watch the cat try to figure out how it works. Watch me try to figure out what it’s for. Somebody paid good money for that. And they say cats are funny.

4 comments on “Funny Cats and Goofy People

  1. They have such distinct personalities and interests. Anyone that thinks cats are aloof needs to spend more time with cats. They are dear little animals with hearts of pure gold.

  2. Cats like pumpkin seed? – good choice. And that electrified cat – whoa!

    Our Pomeranian had a thick, fluffy coat, but when we gave him a bath he looked like a rat, and he didn’t appreciate it at all.

    1. We’ve never had to give a cat a bath. My sister had to bathe the iguana, though, when he climbed up into the drop ceiling and got lost for two days. I was away, so when he finally found his way out, all black and dusty, my sister cleaned him up. He was very well-behaved for that.

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