Actor Thanks Satan (And You Watched This Because _______?)

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Did somebody leave the door unlocked?

Foreign actor Christian Bale, at the Golden Globe “awards” show the other night, said thanks to Satan “for giving me inspiration on how to play this role” ( Bale, not an American, played Vice President Dick Cheney in a two-hour-plus conservative-bash called “Vice.”

The masks keep falling off. Well, we’ve always known from whom the Far Left Crazy gets its inspiration. They used to hide it, but they don’t bother anymore.

How many nitwits watched that movie? How many millions of other nitwits have forgotten Cheney was vice president–if they ever knew it in the first place?

Let’s see… Pro-aborts chant “Hail, Satan!” Miley Cyrus urges people to worship Satan. And now this. Is there still any doubt as to where these people are coming from?

Back in the Seventies there was a horror film, The Sentinel, whose climax featured a whole mob of freaks and monsters pouring into the world through the unguarded gates of Hell. Somehow, watching and listening to Democrats in 2019 reminds me of that scene.

Enjoy it while you’ve got it, suckers.

10 comments on “Actor Thanks Satan (And You Watched This Because _______?)

    1. Hard to imagine them saying stuff like this in 1959, even if they thought it. And hard to imagine anybody going to their movies after they said it.

    2. Especially that last point. Most people, even the faithless, were not willing to openly embrace evil until fairly recently. I remember the rage of the radical element in the sixties and remember that it was ugly. It’s like that attitude has come back with a vengeance in the last ten years. I believe that there is a diabolical element to all of this.

    3. Let’s not forget that the Democrat Party actively encourages all of this. Once there were some normal, decent people in that party. That time has passed.

    4. I think that God is making the true nature of things obvious. We are on God’s side, or Satan’s.

  1. This is horrifying. I cannot believe anyone is so completely blinded that they actually, openly hail satan and actually buy into their own destruction in this way. Wow. What a rude awakening coming for them.

    1. It’s because they think Satan is a cartoon character. They don’t realize that death, horror, pain and suffering are his doing.

  2. How many nitwits made that movie? Can you even imagine how evil they are going to make Donald Trump look in movies “exposing” him? Pastor Robert Jeffress of Dallas First Baptist Church is one of the spiritual advisers to our current President. He testifies to Trump’s faith in Christ and his good character. When we believe in Christ, aren’t all our sins forgiven? – yes they are. May the Lord have mercy on our President who is so sorely mistreated by the MSM, and may He expose the hypocrisy of the Democrat Party leadership.

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