Can I Go Play Now?

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All right! The laundry’s done, I’ve cranked out yet another Newswithviews column, I’ve updated this blog, and I’m pooped.

I want to have some fun! Somebody throw me a stick. I’ll bring it back, I promise. I would like to devise some way go attract more viewers, but how many contests can I run? We just finished the Christmas Carol Contest, and it’s too early for another comment contest.

I wonder if I ought to post one of my recipes for what my wife calls tasteless food.

4 comments on “Can I Go Play Now?

  1. Your recipe would be interesting, I bet. But, if you feel peppy enough to go play, I would opt for that.

    1. Did a nice long crossword puzzle.
      You can find my recipe for rice and ground beef in the Archives. No one seemed to think very much of it.

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