New York Mayor ‘Guarantees’ Health Care for All

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New York City Mayor and former Sandinista wannabe Bill De Blasio (not his real name; he doesn’t use his real name) has announced that the city will “guarantee comprehensive health care for all” (

Yessir, everybody will get health care “regardless of someone’s ability to pay or immigration status,” including some 300,000 “undocumented New Yorkers.” Like, you’re not here legally, and not a citizen, but you’re still a “New Yorker”? The new scheme is supposed to cover 500,000 people–in other words, most of those covered will be illegal aliens.

There are no immediate plans to erect a 100-foot-tall neon billboard saying “Come on down and get free stuff!”

I know this is starting to sound like satire, but stay with me–it’s not.

De Blasio (nee Warren Wilhelm Jr.) said the program will cost $100 million, but, he promised, there will be “no tax hikes to fund it.” Especially after word gets out that NYC is the place to be for free comprehensive health care.

This is being done, babbled De Blasio, because “health is a right.” Uh-huh. And “rights” are handed down and protected by, of course, the government! Therefore the government must see to it that everyone is healthy. And if that makes it grow more powerful, more intrusive, and more oppressively costly–well, hey, that’s just the price of paradise.

If you’re still living and/or working in New York City, you might want to start thinking about going somewhere else.

3 comments on “New York Mayor ‘Guarantees’ Health Care for All

  1. Does he really think $100 million will cover it? Remember having this battle in the past and it was decided anyone in America, regardless of legal standing, could use the Emergency Room. Well, the Left won that one, but now just using the ER is inhumane. That’s how they role – first make it legal, then expand it.

    Can’t you just hear the late Rod Serling saying, “You have just entered the Twilight Zone.”

    1. BTW, if someone with medical insurance does need the Emergency Room the out of pocket can be staggering. I have nothing against helping someone in need, but the kindness and decency of our society is, at times, abused by persons that play the rules to their advantage.

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