Men Who Play with Dolls

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(No, I won’t post any of these revolting pictures. Here’s a nice bluebird instead. Is God’s stuff better than ours, or what?)

[Warning: the content of this post is, quite frankly, disgusting. I’m posting it because we need to know, as servants of the Lord, what we’re up against.]

There used to be a word–several words, in fact–for grown men who play with dolls. Now we have grown men who “have sex”–it isn’t really sex, unless our language is farther gone than I thought–with life-size plastic dolls and earn a bit of celebrity for it (

The headline on The Sun (UK): “Men: Sex dolls are way better than real women.”

The dolls cost over 6,000 pounds each (that’s over $7,600 in American money): pubic hair is an extra charge.

Says one emotionally-stunted creep who has acquired several of these dolls, “They don’t care what I do to them.” He calls it “a lifestyle choice.”

When do we get one of these freaks sworn into Congress as a Democrat? When do Facebook and Twitter start banning any discouraging words about that “lifestyle”? When will the rest of us be required to “celebrate” it, or else be denounced as Haters?

Remember this simple rule of thumb: What would happen if everybody did it? If the answer is, “The human race would die out, of course,” you know you’re talking about the genuine article: satanically-inspired culture rot. True liberalism, the highway to extinction. Or, as Proverbs 8 puts it, “All them that hate me [the wisdom of God] love death.”

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15 responses to “Men Who Play with Dolls

  • Erlene Talbott

    I had heard about these abominations some time ago, but I had no idea it had gone to this extreme. Wow, what sick sick mentally sick …

  • Lyn Veihdeffer

    I don’t even have words. This is absolutely disgusting, appalling and immoral among other things. This is definitely the work of Satan and his followers. This is the kind of thing that leads to other behaviors like being physically aggressive towards women and rape. We need some Divine Intervention! Dear Lord, please step in!!

  • thewhiterabbit2016

    The same group of thousands of professional psychologists who are now saying masculinity is toxic, are also saying sex robots are actually a good thing for society (it will decrease the rape rate – yeah, right, and how much does the Brooklyn Bridge cost?). Another product of our higher educational system paid for by our tax dollars (well, a part of it anyway).

  • Unknowable

    The human race is coming apart at the seams. Sex is about reproduction, and when animals change their reproductive habits, that’s a sign of problems. Humans have actually exchanged the prospect of a lifelong mate for a doll. Not smart.

  • marlene

    Acting out perverted fantasies with his $7.200 plastic doll. Doll breaks. He doesn’t have another &7,200. WATCH OUT!

    • leeduigon

      A most pithy observation.

    • Unknowable

      There is something terribly flawed happening with regard to all of this. Sex with machinery is a very bad concept.

      • marlene

        True. Even worse as an addiction.

        • Unknowable

          The addictive element is real. Pornography has become a much worse problem since it became deliverable over the Internet. There are self-help groups for people that need to break free. It’s become a real problem. I would see these robots as a continuation of that same problem.

          • marlene

            “I would see these robots as a continuation of that same problem.” YES! It’s their purpose. Self help groups, however, seem to have too much competition from support groups that encourage their depraved behavior. There is no sin these days that can’t find a following. Social media has become a collective of like-minded people.

          • leeduigon

            “There is no sin these days that can’t find a following” Bullseye for you, Marlene.

            Asked to define the speed of light, one might say, “The speed at which a sin morphs into a lifestyle, these days.”

          • marlene

            “Speed of light” – lol – good one.

      • leeduigon

        Again we apply the rule, and ask, “What if everybody did it?” And eventually there would be nobody.

        “All they that hate me love death.”

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