‘Oops… Your Phone Blew Up’ (2016)

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Three guesses as to what happened to this poor guy…

Don’t you hate it when your phone explodes–especially if it does that while you’re using it?


A couple years ago Samsung had a bit of a difficulty on the exploding phone front. Give them credit for not trying to pretend there was nothing wrong.

We had exploding hoverboards, too.

Somehow our ancestors did not have to worry about exploding butter churns, milking stools, wagons, or those funny old telephones with dials on them. Nothing in our house ever blew up, when I was a boy.

But never mind the technology. Our culture is in much worse shape than our phones.

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  1. Yes, it is a mixed blessing; these electronic devices. The worst thing I remember happening when I was a kid was the sudden flat tire when driving down the bumpy country roads. That was no fun for Dad, but I think he would have hated exploding devices even more.

  2. I don’t have a cell phone, but my wife does have an iPhone for communicating with our daughter and her sister and best friend. Whenever I use it I put it on speaker phone so I don’t have to hold it to my ear. The directions that come with the phone say to keep it 2-3 inches from you head. Why? Microwaves – they are potent. If brain cancer begins to rise it won’t surprise me.

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