Now They Want to Tax Your Drinking Water

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Why is this man smiling?

Not to be outdone by the socialist swarm on the East Coast, California’s new governor, Gavin Newsom, says he wants to lay a state tax on drinking water (

Among the world’s shortest lists: things Democrats have not proposed to tax.

Minor details–like how much money the tax is intended to raise–have not been revealed. Supposedly this caper is to “help the poor” gain access to clean drinking water, 6 million people in California have water that isn’t safe to drink… Whose fault this is has not been revealed. Apparently it’s everybody’s fault, because according to Newsom, everybody’s gotta pay.

California has for years been trying to tax drinking water. Last year they ran a 95 cents per month tax up the flagpole, but it got shot down in the legislature.

The European Union has a drinking water tax to help Save The Planet From Global Warming. California must be jealous.

California is turning itself into a third-world country locked onto America like a tapeworm.

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