The City Where It Rains Dirty Diapers

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If you’re in New York City and have to walk down Essex Street, better make sure you have a strong umbrella. Because when you walk past a certain public housing project, you might get pelted with a soiled diaper or a bag of trash (

Witnesses say this has been going on “for months.” Bombs away.

So it’s raining dirty diapers. Something has gone wrong with our culture. Really, ya think? In San Francisco they just take a dump on the sidewalk when they feel the urge. Our cities are turning into open latrines. Why?

The only thing these feces-happy places has in common is, they’re all governed by liberals. By Democrats. No politician has ever offered public defecation as part of his political program, but it does seem to be cropping up from coast to coast across the country.

We’re in New York and it’s raining trash, it’s raining dirty diapers.

Is this what we wanted?

If not, then why do we have it?

8 comments on “The City Where It Rains Dirty Diapers

  1. And this public housing is managed by the people who want to confiscate property from “scofflaw” private landlords, hmmm?

    1. Well, see, private property is in the “wrong hands,” say the Dems, it’s gotta be placed in the right hands–theirs!–and then there will be absolute equality and paradise on earth.

      Lib ideology is not much different from a rain of dirty diapers.

  2. There is an app for tourists to use when visiting San Francisco to help avoid areas where you will encounter human feces along the street and sidewalk. As Speaker Pelosi likes to brag, “I am for San Francisco values.”

  3. I think that people don’t realize how good we’ve had it. Cleanliness and sanitary conditions are the exception, not the rule, throughout history. Why does the Left want to hurray away from the good that we’ve accomplished as a civilization?

    1. Remember these simple rules for understanding liberalism. 1) If something is good, they think it’s bad. 2) If something is bad, they think it’s good. Liberalism is a perpetual tantrum against reality. That’s why De Blasio wants to redefine reality for you, day-to-day.

      Trust me–these people are much, much worse than they’re given credit for.

    2. It really comes down to who one seeks to worship. Personally, I’ll go for the One Living and True God, but unreality works for others.

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