‘”Pooperintendent of Schools” Seeks Revenge on Cops Who Busted Him’ (2019)

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Remember this? Every day, early in the morning, the superintendent of schools would go out and take a dump on another school district’s athletic field…

‘Pooperintendent of Schools’ Seeks Revenge on Cops Who Busted Him

Actually, this story vanished from the headlines as so many nooze stories do, and I don’t know whether this jidrool ever brought his case to court. His claim was that the police ruined his reputation by arresting him. All their fault. Here he was, peacefully crapping in the middle of the athletic field –and they went public with it!

Dude, are you serious? They haven’t found a place for you in the Biden administration? Hey, go see the fat guy with the nail polish, he’ll know what to do.

‘You’re Not Safe at the Airport, Either’ (2018)

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For a while there it looked like taking a dump in public was going to be the next big fad. But the reporting of such incidents died away–they took it for granted that this was going to be the norm in Democrat cities–leaving a lot of unresolved nooze stories in its wake.

Like this one.

You’re Not Safe at the Airport, Either

Remember the school principal who used to defecate each morning on another school’s athletic field? Or the phantom pooper, most likely a jogger, who left mementos of her passing all around the neighborhood. And they weren’t the only ones. But the story just… went away. As nooze stories often do.

‘The Pooperintendent of Schools’ (2018)

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Maybe it should say “Curb Your Superintendent of Schools.”

Remember this? The superintendent of schools of Kenilworth, NJ, was busted for repeatedly defecating on the grounds of Holmdel High School.

The Pooperintendent of Schools

This guy was pulling down a $147,504 salary, and when the story came out, he was suspended with full pay. It took a year to find out he finally resigned.

But wait! There’s more!

‘Pooperintendent of Schools’ Seeks Revenge on Cops Who Busted Him

So let’s see if we get this right. The guy goes around taking dumps on public property… and he sues the police? Like it’s their fault he thought he was a dog?

We don’t know if his threatened lawsuit ever made it to court. Once upon a time there were judges who’d jail a lawyer for contempt if he ever set foot in a courtroom with such a ridiculous case.

‘Pooperintendent of Schools’ Seeks Revenge on Cops Who Busted Him

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For dogs… and the odd superintendent of schools

I suppose in an age when prostitutes are “sex workers” and vandals are “street artists,” and you can be fined or imprisoned for using the wrong pronoun, nothing should surprise us. But once again the nooze has come up with something.

The since-resigned Kenilworth Superintendent of Schools, the $147,504-a-year administrator who was busted last May for defecating on the Holmdel High School athletic field–hot dog, it wasn’t even his school district–is threatening to sue the Holmdel Police Dept. for ruining his life (https://www.wnd.com/2019/02/school-pooperintendents-life-has-been-ruined-attorney-says/).

Gee, I could’ve sworn he ruined his own life. I mean, taking a daily dump on public property–the public shouldn’t know what their lavishly-compensated “educator” gets up to?

It evokes a strange picture in the mind: this clown pooping on the 50-yard-line by the dawn’s early light. Maybe they could make a movie of it.

Anyhow, he’s seeking up to $1 million in damages for “what the Holmdel Police Dept. has so maliciously done to harm him,” said his lawyer, in a 10-page letter to the New Jersey Attorney General.

What they did was release the guy’s booking photo to the public. I dunno anymore–aren’t you supposed to be shamed and held up as a laughing-stock, when you do what this guy did? Or is it that there’s no such thing as shameful anymore? No more prostitutes, just sex workers. Didn’t he ruin  his own life? Didn’t he put himself in a position to be the butt of jokes by late-night comics on TV? Has he not got no one but himself to blame?

“I had a bathroom emergency,” he said. What–every day? He says he’s been diagnosed with “runner’s diarrhea” (he’s a jogger, don’t you know)–so don’t you do something about that, instead of just letting the chips fall where they may? I mean, couldn’t he at least have carried a couple of plastic grocery bags with him, to pick up his poop? People snicker at his kids–well, whose fault is that?

One thing’s certain: if he really does go to court over this, it’ll bring a whole new wave of “pooperintendent” jokes at his expense and make it just that much harder for Father Time to wipe away the public’s memory. But then a million bucks is a million bucks.

Maybe he could get a job in San Francisco. No one would notice there.

The City Where It Rains Dirty Diapers

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If you’re in New York City and have to walk down Essex Street, better make sure you have a strong umbrella. Because when you walk past a certain public housing project, you might get pelted with a soiled diaper or a bag of trash (https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Dirty-Diapers-Throwing-Hurling-NYCHA-Building-New-York-City-Report-504326281.html).

Witnesses say this has been going on “for months.” Bombs away.

So it’s raining dirty diapers. Something has gone wrong with our culture. Really, ya think? In San Francisco they just take a dump on the sidewalk when they feel the urge. Our cities are turning into open latrines. Why?

The only thing these feces-happy places has in common is, they’re all governed by liberals. By Democrats. No politician has ever offered public defecation as part of his political program, but it does seem to be cropping up from coast to coast across the country.

We’re in New York and it’s raining trash, it’s raining dirty diapers.

Is this what we wanted?

If not, then why do we have it?

Look Before You… er, Sit

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[Note to self: This is for tomorrow! This is for tomorrow! This is for tomorrow! And for the reader, “tomorrow” is “today.”]

A hapless Delta Airlines passenger gave a new dimension to “Look before you leap,” when he sat down in his seat on the airliner. He should have looked before he sat–because his seat was piled up with human feces (https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/2018/11/06/bay-city-man-sits-feces-delta-flight-michigan/1900563002/).

Guess he didn’t remember we’re all living in a new age, characterized by heaps of ca-ca all over the place: i.e., San Francisco sidewalks. And elsewhere. Lots of elsewhere. Poor trusting soul–he just assumed his airliner seat would be feces-free.

Culture rot is real, folks.

Culture rot is real.

You’re Not Safe at the Airport, Either

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If you look closely at the space between this woman’s feet, you’ll see what her dog left for their fellow passengers on the floor of the concourse at the airport in Denver.

Our esteemed colleague at chessgames.com, “WannaBe,” has posted the now-famous video of the incident (https://www.denverpost.com/2018/06/29/youtube-dog-pooped-at-denver-international-airport/).  No, she did not clean it up: in fact, she resented the mere mention of the problem. Nor did anyone do as my wife suggested, and rub the woman’s nose in it.

Suddenly the whole taboo against defecating in a public place has gone the way of many other of our social taboos. Liberalism at work.

Kill the culture, and the culture will kill you back.