Google Employees: ‘Family’ is a Bad Word

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Shut up, already!

All right, I’m gonna write this up and then that’s that, no more nooze today. I just can’t take any more.

“Approximately 100” Google employees are on the warpath over the use of the word “family”–especially if a “family” is defined as a household with children (

“Family,” they rant, is a word that is “homophobic,” it’s “charged language,” and “exclusionary.” Could we please somehow ship all these bozos off to Mars? One employee, describing herself as “straight,” objected because she and her shack-up boyfriend don’t have children and therefor don’t constitute a family. Forget Mars; go for Pluto.

How did our American culture wind up getting owned by freaks? It seems all they have to do is yap enough and then they get their way, no matter what the weird societal innovation they’re demanding. They’re never satisfied, never appeased, they just never stop, and we always wind up caving in to them just to shut them up–and the more fool us, because they never shut up.

Does this go on forever?

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7 responses to “Google Employees: ‘Family’ is a Bad Word

  • Phoebe

    As with all bullies, the more you give in to them, the more they push. And the mere act of taking them seriously is to give in to them. Besides, they don’t really care about what they’re screaming for; they just want to keep screaming. It’s toddler behavior, really. But very dangerous toddlers.

    • leeduigon

      “Dangerous” in the sense of wrecking our whole civilization–and how do we stop them? Donald Trump looks like the only leader in America who’ll stand up to them: and we need a lot more than he can provide all by himself.

  • Watchman

    They don’t call them Goolag for nothing.

  • thewhiterabbit2016

    Now the Left is smearing .VP. Pence’s wife for teaching twice a week at a Christian school. Why? Because the school policy does not allow LGBT students. Hey, bozos, it is a PRIVATE school. Next the loony Left will require every “family” have a LGBT member, and if you don’t they will provide one for you’

    Why has this happened to a once Christian country like America? The church stopped being the light and the salt. For example, recently at a Presbyterian church in California where the pastor gave a sermon saying homosexuality is a sin, the church membership kicked him out. There is your answer, CINOs (Christians in name only).

  • Unknowable

    I think Phoebe nailed it, these are bullies, plain and simple. Like all bullies, they are all sizzle and no steak.


    This anti-family Leftist worldview is totally demonic and against God’s design

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