Are We Done Being Doormats?

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How long do we have to let Far Left Crazy insult us, abuse us, erase our history, threaten us, trash our property–and take aim at our very souls? When I woke up today everybody and his brother was still frantically scrambling to pledge allegiance to “Black Lives Matter.” We are living in an epoch of unbridled cowardice.

The slogan that best expresses the evil spirit of this age is “Silence is Violence!” Or, more specifically, “White Silence = Violence.” ‘Cause everything’s worse when white people do it. Black thug assaults 92-year-old white woman on the sidewalks of New York–hey, no problem! White person fails to agree with every syllable of BLM race-hustling mantras, and oooooh! That’s violence! White person must be beaten senseless!

It’s not enough for them just to abuse us, just to exert aggression on us, just to put us in fear of our physical safety. No. They won’t be happy till they hear us parroting their schiff.

And please spare a thought or two for sane and decent black people. BLM, a cabal of Marxist lesbians, claims the authority to speak for all black people, when they’re not setting fire to their homes and businesses.

Everyone who’s not a thug, a goon, a leftist, or a creep has got to come together to oppose this madness. Can this be America–where, if you don’t say exactly the right thing as required by a bunch of hooligans, you get crushed?

These are truly despicable people who must be defeated, routed, put down, never heard from again. Doormats of America–get up!

Firefox is Nagging Me

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All I wanted to do was post a picture. But I had to pass through the Firefox search page on the way; and they had this little message waiting for me.

“Educating ourselves is how we can begin dismantling systemic racism.”

This is supposed to make me feel guilty. I don’t know about you, but getting nagged, yelled at, called names, and blamed for things I didn’t do does not make me feel guilty. It only makes me mad.

They can take their “systemic racism” and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

More Anti-Police Madness

George Floyd death: 19 powerful images of nationwide protests - Insider

Are you absolutely, positively sure you want this, America?

Nine out of 13 members of the Minneapolis City Council say they will vote to defund and disband their city’s police department. What could go wrong?

But that’s not enough for Far Left Crazy. According to The Federalist, The Washington Post, among “several media outlets,” has also called for the abolition of police procedural TV shows ( ‘Cause the shows are “unrealistic,” they say–like all the other TV shows are? Oh, please.

This feels like being on a bus where the driver has snorted angel dust and gone completely crazy, with a fatal accident looming as inevitable.

Minneapolis thinks social workers and, for all I know, poets, can do the job of the police. So if some creep breaks into your home in the middle of the night, you can call a social worker.

Criminals must be thinking that they’ve died and gone to heaven.

This and other suicidal follies is the end product of out-there Democrat ideology, and our country will be hard-put to survive it. They just can’t wait to get into the White House and do to the whole country what they plan to do to Minneapolis.

And look at all the people drinking all the Kool-Aid.

Where is our resistance? Why are we not pushing back against this madness with all our might? The people who are leading this charge belong in straitjackets. And so does anyone who votes for them.

God defend us.

‘White Prof Calls for “White Genocide”‘ (2016)

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In case anyone has forgotten–see? Left-wing loons have been talking up violence for years, agitating for it, hoping for it, rooting for it, wanting it. And now they’ve got it.

White Prof Calls for ‘White Genocide’

They’re doing their utmost to bring this country down. Really. Not a figure of speech.

Sponsored entirely by the Democrat Party, which expects to receive your vote this November.

Wait’ll you see what you receive from them.

Has Bernie Sold Out Already?

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Honest, it’s not a Wanted poster.

Last time the fix was in, at Bernie Sanders’ expense, in 2016, he took one for the team and was rewarded with a nice new beach house. This time, 2020, the smart money says he’s going to sell out again.

I say he’s sold out already, because the price has nowhere to go but down.

Consider: Bernie has just promoted some Far Left Crazy kook named Agnew to be his senior campaign advisor ( How far to the left is he? Well, he’s co-director of “Dream Defenders,” a group that advocates the abolition of police and prisons, open borders, and the abolition of capitalism. They also say the government needs “to deliver what is owed to black people.” Finally, Mr. Agnew himself is holding out for the story that 9/11 was when “America… killed her own citizens.”

That’s out-of-the-Solar-system Left. Who but a lunatic would vote for any of those things? Bernie has pinned this guy to his lapel; so if you’re voting for Bernie, you’re voting for suicidally insane public policies.

Hmm… Think that’ll drive more Democrats into voting for Biden?

Of course it will. But in the meantime, it permits Bernie to preserve intact his reputation as a Social Justice Warrior, a socialist jihadi, a dyed-in-the-wool commie crackpot. He won’t have to drop out of the race; he’ll be blown out.

What will they give him for falling on his sword? Does he need another beach house, or is a mansion in the mountains coming his way?

And will the Bernie Bros, those lovable hammer and sicklers, take it lying down? Their gulag pipe dreams up in smoke again? It’s the “again” part that’s really gonna rankle.

Stay tuned!

Help Wanted: Boogieman

Watch Squeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi–all class!–tear up the text of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Speech last night. But her cohorts of flying monkeys hardly behaved any better.  If you voted for any of them in 2018, shame on you.

What are these people (I use the word advisedly) going to do with themselves when Donald Trump is no longer president? Their world has narrowed down to one tiny pinhole in the dark: hatred of Donald Trump. It has become who they are. Attacking him is the only thing they know how to do anymore.

What do they have to offer us? The De Luxe Far Left Crazy Fun Pack: transgender, open borders, high taxes, anti-free speech, anti-religion, abolish the Electoral College so California and New York and Illinois can dictate to the rest of the country, pack the Supreme Court, give Iran money to develop nuclear weapons…

They just can’t believe the American people don’t want what they’re selling. It must be The Russians tampering with our public opinion.

Is the Democrat Party still a political party, or has it metastasized into some kind of cult?

First put them out of business, once and for all; then study them.

Crazier and Crazier

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“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the daffiest one of all?”

With the remaining Democrat presidential candidates all trying to out-wacky one another, Elizabeth “Space Alien” Warren has taken the lead with this gem:

“I’m going to have a secretary of education that this young transgender person interviews on my behalf” (

The usual procedure is for the president to appoint someone to the cabinet who is then confirmed by the Senate, and goes on to serve at the pleasure of the president (which means the president, contrary to what Democrats have been yapping lately, has the authority to fire any cabinet honcho at any time). There’s nothing in the Constitution about soliciting the advice and consent of a “transgender child.”

Liberals seem to be gearing up for an eventual wholesale transference of government into the hands of children–and the more troubled the child, the better.

Just for the record, there is no such thing as a “transgender child,” a mythical creature existing in the minds of noozies and other Far Left Crazy liars and idiots. There are children with disturbed and evil parents who say their kids are transgender. If there is a bigger and uglier sin than that, I don’t want to know about it.

Meanwhile, imagine how poor Beato (or whatever his name is) feels. “I got blown out by this crackpot? Blown right out of the water by her?”

Anyhow, Warren now has the inside track on crazy. Let’s see if any of the others can catch up to her.

Betcha anything they can.

Little Greta Wants It Done ‘Right Now!’

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“We demand!”

Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, anointed Far Left Scold of All the World, thinks it’s taking Western civilization much too long to cut itself off from fossil fuels.

“We want this done now–as in right now!” she says (

What is it that she wants us all to do “right now”?

Completely cut ourselves off from all fossil fuels. Cold turkey. And while we’re at it, totally re-engineer all our social institutions–overnight, if possible. Especially capitalism. Gotta get rid of that. “We demand,” seems to have become her favorite turn of phrase.

Who’s “we”? Don’t ask.

Hmm… If the world actually tried to do what Greta demands, it’s questionable whether anyone at all would survive the havoc that it wreaked. But I guess when you take a mentally ill teenager and suddenly exalt her to a level far above even the freakin’ pope’s, you have to expect it to go to her head a bit.

But if you’re a Far Left wacko, there’s nothing that beats having a child run interference for you. Anyone who criticizes Greta the Scold is just such a meanie!

Get hip to this, though: the world is full of rich, powerful wackos whose totally irrational policies, if followed, would plunge the human race into untold suffering.

And they don’t care. In fact, it’s what floats their boat.

It Must Be Frustrating

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This thought has been bouncing around inside my brain for several days.

Far Left Crazy in America owns the Democrat Party, the teachers’ unions, the colleges and universities, Hollywood, the nooze media–and that’s a lot of important stuff to own. They own it lock, stock, and barrel.

And they use it, every hour of every day, to try to Fundamentally Transform America and win the rest of us over to their pet causes. Open borders. Transgender. Man-Made Climate Change. Hate speech laws. Free college. Free stuff galore. But no more private homes (except for them), no more air travel (except for them),  no more privately-owned cars (except for them), and no more air conditioning (except for them). They think we ought to be in favor of this program; and so they’re at us, night and day, rain or shine, trying to get us to swallow it.

And yet for all that effort, all that passion, they just can’t seal the deal. People who are not Democrat Congressloons, college professors, brainless movie stars, or angry sex-obsessed weirdos simply don’t believe in any of that stuff and just don’t want it. No, sunshine, we don’t believe the world is going to end in 12 years unless we give up all our freedoms and let you rule us. No, we don’t believe it rained on the rocks a zillion years ago and the rocks came alive, doo-dah, doo-dah. We are normal people, and you don’t have a thing to offer us.

Oh, they keep telling us they’re the ones who’re winning, they’re on the right side of history, public opinion is slowly but surely coming over to their side–but they don’t act like they believe it themselves. For instance, they insist the public is now overwhelmingly in favor of “gay marriage.” But do you see them making any attempt to legislate it? Nope–it’s court rulings or nothing. They can’t get public support for any of their wacko schemes; they’ve always got to go running to a court to get their way imposed on us by unelected judges.

This is a presidential election year, and what won’t they do to get some Democrat socialist nut job into the White House? And what will they do if they fail again, and by a much bigger margin than they failed in 2016?

A lot of these leftids are genuinely crazy. This could be a dangerous year.

The Hallmark Channel… ‘Nazis’?

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You have to wonder. Do Far Left Crazies actually believe the twaddle that they spout, or is it just their way of passing the time?

Some kook at leftid sees in the Hallmark Channel, and in its perpetual flow of schmaltz, “patriarchal and authoritarian values” which are (gasp!) “white, heteronormative, sexist, provincial” and surely add up to “white supremacy” and are, at best, “fascist propaganda” ( This writer wishes to be taken seriously as a clear-headed, fair-minded, penetrating critic. She is the author of a book whose otherwise profane title includes the phrase “Trump-Worshiping Monsters.” No bias here.

Earlier, Hallmark set a lot of decent people’s teeth on edge by including a clip of a lesbian “wedding” in one of its commercials. Faced with wide protests, they pulled the ad. That got the LGBT crowd in on the act. Cowardly Hallmark reinstated the ad and babbled about how they’re “committed to diversity and inclusion.” And now the Left has turned on them and called them Nazis anyway.

I guess if ol’ Heinrich Himmler could come back to life and go to work at Hallmark, he’d think he was back home at the Wolfsschanze. “Where is the Fuhrer? He must be here somewhere. Where’s Goering?” Get the boys together for a beer. ‘Cause everybody who’s not 100% Far Left Crazy demented… is a Nazi!

Shame on Hallmark for vainly trying to appease them. We should all know by now that that doesn’t work. You can kiss their commie boots from now to Doomsday, and the moment you stray a hair’s breadth from the party line, you’re a Hater, Biggit, White Supremacist, Homophobic Nazi.

If you can’t join ’em (and why in the world would you want to?)… beat ’em!