Is This Woman Quite All There?

Jim Bowie must have known some unusual people in his life. Here he is with a woman who wants to hang on to his leg. If my wife did this, I would think there must be something wrong with her.

It may be that there are little-known nooks and crannies of society wherein leg-hanging is not  considered eccentric. I don’t get around that much: who knows what the big swells get up to, when they go to Davos? I’d hate to think Jim Bowie was a globalist. Then again, maybe the woman in the picture is just drunk, and with no lamp-post handy, a stationary human leg will do. And Mr. Bowie puts up with it because he’s kind.

Yeah, that’s probably it.

6 comments on “Is This Woman Quite All There?

  1. I have to add; for someone living in the era of Jim Bowie, and hanging around the Alamo, that woman is well nicely coiffed. 🙂

    1. Nice ballerina pumps, too. Just the kind of shoes to wear in snake ‘n’ scorpion country.

  2. Like Jane Fonda “Please don’t send me back home.” Or heavily drugged hillary clinton grabbing the legs of her bodyguards on her way down after falling again, and again. Then there are the call-girl lookalikes recently “selected” to congress who grab the legs of the maie democrats whose pants are already on the back of a chair.

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