Back to Communal Bathing! (Huh?)

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My wife started to read an article called, “Why We Need to Bring Back the Art of Communal Bathing” but soon ran out of patience with it. “Are there people who just sit around dreaming up this [bleep]?” she cried.

But really–haven’t you ever caught yourself wide-awake at 2 a.m. and agonizing over the “eclipse” of communal bathing in “the Anglosphere”, which I think means people where we live aren’t doing it anymore? Why must we insist on privacy, just to take a bath? (“Aha! Here’s what’s wrong with us! Why didn’t somebody think of this sooner…?”)

This is a cultural shortcoming, a black eye for all of us, a psychic disaster… which troubles virtually nobody.

We are told we need to bring back the art of communal bathing because it’ll keep us from going crazy; but we are not told in what sense it is an “art.” Well, not in the part of the article that I read. I skipped some of it. Oh, all right, I skipped most of it!

But what if not doing communal bathing is the source of all our troubles?

I’m willing to take the risk that it isn’t. Are you?

Meanwhile, some of you have not done your part in dreaming up new problems to worry about. Here you have an open forum. If you think our culture sucks because we don’t spend anywhere near enough time on stilts or pogo sticks–speak, and ye shall be heard.

16 comments on “Back to Communal Bathing! (Huh?)

  1. I don’t know who dreams this garbage up, but they are living in a fantasy. They probably wouldn’t like it if they caught a disease in a communal bath.

    1. Yeah, but non-Western cultures do this and non-Western cultures are so great and Western culture it stinks, and let’s all go bathing in the Ganges…

    2. Great point. Fifty plus years of nearly unrestrained immorality has “gifted” the human race with some very virulent strains of disease. Before the sexual revolution, the risks were probably not that great, but these days I wouldn’t want to risk it.

  2. The left just can’t get enough of themselves. Someone tell them they weren’t born that way! They must bore each other (to ideological death) to such an extent that they continue to force the “right” people to their side to justify what can’t be justified.

  3. kiddin’ me, right? Well, wait a minute, I thought public restrooms shared between males and females was bizarre and lewd, but they always seem to “one-up” me. sighhh

  4. The Japanese communal baths (“sento”, literally “coin hot bath”) began because homes didn’t have baths. The tradition caught on even after they did have baths. It may work in Japan but would never work in America – too many sex addicts and sex-offenders.

  5. I was just reading a story about a DC restaurant that was fined thousands for not allowing a “transgender” to use the ladies restroom. Someone made the point that if men can use ladies rooms, why have ladies rooms? You see where this is going. We will have communal bathrooms next. We are literally tuning into ancient Rome, and you know what happened to them.

    1. Fined by whom? Was there some kind of “transgender rights” ordinance that was broken?

      This is why I say the Democrat Party must be defeated and put out of business forever. They sponsor this crap, they empower and enable it… and it has to stop. Why we have ever allowed it to get started, I truly do not understand.

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