Another False Alarm

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Greetings from central New Jersey, where our current temperature is 5 (!) glorious Global Warming degrees–twelve below zero, if you count the wind chill. As usual, we are having gale winds.

I know it has snowed pretty hard elsewhere; but here the big snowstorm that got our mayor dialing his “reverse 911” gadget to declare a snow emergency–well, it never panned out. All we got was torrential rains, followed by this devilish freeze. Lots of ice around to slip on!

We had to grocery-shop this morning, and the wind tore the list out of Patty’s hand and guess who had to chase after it? All across the parking lot, and the next parking lot, and the next one after that, practically out to the Route 1 dodgem derby before a friendly bush reached out and snagged it. I am so glad nobody has this on video…

Oh, if only we had paid a carbon tax! If only the federal government had the authority to ration toilet paper! Then none of this winter stuff would happen! We’d have this beautiful balmy weather all the time, a global climate, controlled by politicians and their tame scientists, and the only time it would ever get windy or cold would be if there was racism or something.

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  1. No, we don’t have your escapade on video, but we have a good idea how funny it was. Er, how sad? Climate change, yes, the $olution for just about every problem the rabid warmists create. Imagine how much better our environment would be if we only paid more taxes for the air we breathe, the air we don’t breathe, the CO2 we exhale, the CO2 animals exhale, the meat we consume, the polar bears, the melting ice, eco-sneakers, the wood we burn, the steel we use, the plane tickets we buy, and fossil fuel we use to drive & keep warm without a bank loan, and everything else we need to sustain ourselves. Oops – that is NOT the definition of “sustainability.” My bad,

    1. I felt like such a dork. Every time I was almost close enough to grab the thing, it got blown farther away. I’m just glad it wasn’t my hat.

  2. I bet those wiz computer geeks on the TV crime shows could connect to the cameras in the parking lots and produce a video of your complete caper. Then they could send it in to “America’s Funniest” and win the $10,000 prize. 🙂 And isn’t it typically demonic of the Dimmocrats to blame the weather on Trump when it is something everyone complains about.

  3. Hello Mr. Duigon!

    You know how a few months ago I told you how my mom has cancer?
    Well I was wondering if you could do another post asking for prayer for her. She has gotten worse and worse, and now the doctors say that her only chance to live is a high-risk surgery called Pelvic Exenteration. And she has decided to do it.
    The statistics show that a low percentage of people who have this surgery done live past the 5 year marker. So please be in prayer.
    Thank you very much!
    Elijah Holston

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