Cats Cuckoo for Cardboard

Our living room would look a bit nicer without these cardboard boxes; trouble is, the cats just love the boxes, and get no end of pleasure from them. (“Yeah? So who died and made those cats queens?” Not a question that would ever be asked by anyone who lives with cats.) There’s this little box that Robbie likes to scrunch herself into, and it makes her look like–well, a Christmas present!

2 comments on “Cats Cuckoo for Cardboard

  1. Yes, most cats dearly love their boxes. The two Siamese we had fought over who could get in the box

  2. When a size 10 cat encounters a size 8 box, they take it as a challenge to their feline dignity to find a way to fit inside it.

    I love the little cat that would pop out of the box, take a swat at something, then duck back in.

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