Holding It In

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So I’m posting this gorgeous hymn, Blessed Assurance, and my wife starts reading me a nooze report of the latest country-sapping amoral skullduggery by another Democrat wheeler-dealer and his tame judge…

I almost rent my garment.

To go from Fanny Crosby to this… I mean, really–when you’re expected to know the names of sleazy politicians’ #@#%$ lawyers–! I will not do it! No, by cracky! I refuse to write about it; and I damned well will not write about it on a Sunday.

Well, all right, I did scream. But only once. Now I’m holding it in. Maybe I’ll let it out tomorrow. But this is the Lord’s Day and I will not write up any nooze. I just won’t do it.

Not unless I have to. And I don’t think I have to.

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  1. Yes, yes, today is our day of rest and relaxation. The first day of the week (symbolizing the New Covenant in His blood) we rest from our own works and realize all depends on God Providential Grace. He is in control not us. Today is a day of renewal. Monday, it’s back into the spiritual battle of bringing every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.

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