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One More Time, ‘He Hideth My Soul’

I hope nobody minds me posting this again–He Hideth My Soul, a classic Fanny Crosby hymn, here sung by Nathan and Lyle with family and friends in Denton County, Texas. I like to go with the first hymn that pops into my head–except, of course, when one of you makes a hymn request. You ask for it, I’ll post it!

‘Draw Me Nearer,’ from 1906

This recording of Fanny Crosby’s classic hymn, Draw Me Nearer, Blessed Lord, was made in 1906, when she would have still been alive to hear it. Nothing like the Edison photograph was even dreamed of when she was born in 1820. She died in 1915, after writing more than 8,000 hymns–most of which are still sung today.

‘He Hideth My Soul’

This Fanny Crosby classic was first heard in 1890, and it’s still going strong today: He Hideth My Soul, here performed by Nathan and Lyle with family and friends (plus a little boy who will remember this when he grows up), in Denton County, Texas.

Holding It In

See the source image

So I’m posting this gorgeous hymn, Blessed Assurance, and my wife starts reading me a nooze report of the latest country-sapping amoral skullduggery by another Democrat wheeler-dealer and his tame judge…

I almost rent my garment.

To go from Fanny Crosby to this… I mean, really–when you’re expected to know the names of sleazy politicians’ #@#%$ lawyers–! I will not do it! No, by cracky! I refuse to write about it; and I damned well will not write about it on a Sunday.

Well, all right, I did scream. But only once. Now I’m holding it in. Maybe I’ll let it out tomorrow. But this is the Lord’s Day and I will not write up any nooze. I just won’t do it.

Not unless I have to. And I don’t think I have to.

‘Blessed Assurance’

I had another hymn lined up for today, but this is the one that I woke up with and that insisted on being played–Fanny Crosby’s Blessed Assurance, sung at Easington Lane IM Church as part of the NBA Big Sing. Background sets by God the Father, maker of heaven and earth. Tears in my eyes courtesy of the Holy Spirit.

‘He Hideth My Soul’

This is just one of the 8,000-plus hymns that Fanny Crosby wrote: He Hideth My Soul (1890), sung here by the Antrim Mennonite Choir.

If I posted a different Fanny Crosby hymn here every day, and never missed a day, and never posted any of them more than once… it would take us over 20 years to post them all.

‘Redeemed! How I Love to Proclaim It’

Susan heard this hymn for the first time yesterday, in church–another one of the 8,000-plus hymns written by Fanny Crosby–Redeemed! How I Love to Proclaim It. Sung gorgeously by the Martin Family: with background sets by God the Father. You might want to play this one twice!

Everybody Sing! ‘He Hideth My Soul’

There’s something mightily encouraging about a whole church hall-full of people lustily singing a classic Fanny Crosby hymn: it must make the wicked squirm! Choir and congregation at the Temple Baptist Church in Powell, Tennessee, belting out He Hideth My Soul–turn it up so that they can hear it Down Below.

‘He Hideth My Soul’

(I’m not really late. I just got my bike ride in before it got too hot.)

I found myself whistling this hymn last night, shortly before bedtime, just after our Father Brown episode; so it struck me as a good idea to post it this morning: He Hideth My Soul, by Fanny Crosby (1890), sung by the Antrim Mennonite Choir. I’ve learned to like a lot of the new stuff, but they’ll never do better than Fanny Crosby.

‘Blessed Assurance’

I don’t know about you, but I could use some assurance today–Blessed Assurance. Written by Fanny Crosby in 1873, performed by the kids from Fountainview Academy on their tour of Italy–yeah, this is what I needed.

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