‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus’

A Fanny Crosby hymn this morning, one of eight or nine thousand that she wrote–‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus, sung by the Altar of Praise Men’s Chorale.

‘Blessed Assurance’

I hope I haven’t played this hymn too often. It was the first one that popped into my head last night–Blessed Assurance, a classic hymn by Fanny Crosby, sung by the Harpeth Gospel Quartet. Background sets by God the Father, maker of heaven and earth.

‘He Hideth My Soul’

A classic hymn by Fanny Crosby, published 1890, performed on a beach in Hawaii by students from Fountainview Academy–He Hideth My Soul. 

Look how clean and clear the water is! Just as God made it.

By Request, ‘Blessed Assurance’

Okay! Book chapter’s written, and I’ve got to write a Newswithviews column, somehow–but first we have a hymn request from Erlene–Blessed Assurance, by Fanny Crosby in 1873, sung by the Harpeth Gospel Quartet.

Antidote! ‘Blessed Assurance’

How do we get out of the dumpster fire that’s the nooze today?

With a hymn!

We thank Erlene for asking for this–Blessed Assurance, by Fanny Crosby, sung by the Harpeth Gospel Quartet with background sets by God the Father, maker of heaven and earth.

When things get really bad… sing louder!

‘He Hideth My Soul’

Fanny Crosby wrote eight or nine thousand hymns, and this is one of them–He Hideth My Soul, performed by Nathan and Lyle, with family and friends, in someone’s living room. Make a joyful noise until the Lord!

By Request, ‘I Am Thine, O Lord’

Requested by Erlene, another Fanny Crosby hymn–I Am Thine, O Lord (Draw Me Nearer), sung by the congregation at Southwest Baptist Church in Oklahoma City. It might be a little hard to make out all the lyrics, but there’s something to be said for a church packed chock-full of Christians singing a hymn.

Anybody out there want to go for a third Fanny Crosby? The hymn shop is open.

‘He Hideth My Soul’

Well, if people won’t show up to hear a Fanny Crosby hymn sung by the kids from Fountainview Academy, I guess they just won’t show up at all.

He Hideth My Soul, by Fanny Crosby. I sang this to a couple of deer once.

By Request, ‘Draw Me Nearer’

Requested by Erlene, written by Fanny Crosby in 1875–Draw Me Nearer, Blessed Lord, sung by the Sanctuary Choir at the First Methodist Church, Houston.

Why do we have a hymn contest? To glorify God, to show Him that we love Him, and to do something together that reflects our Christian fellowship.

By Request, ‘Draw Me Nearer’

How about an old Sunday school favorite? Requested by Erlene, Draw Me Nearer–one of some eight or nine thousand hymns written by Fanny Crosby, sung by the Celebration Choir. You might want to turn up the volume on this one.