No-Nooze Sunday

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Never mind the nooze. God gives us flowers.

All this garbage in the nooze will still be here tomorrow, with more garbage heaped on top of it. I don’t want to write about that stuff today. Do you want to read about it?

I know, I know–somehow I’ve lost 50% of my viewership. If I write about what everybody else is writing about, will I get those readers back?

The villains will still be on the stage tomorrow, we can boo them then. We can even throw stuff at them. Pushback is way, way, way overdue!

But God says we need a day of rest. Let this be a day of rest.

Nooze-Free Sunday

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God didn’t need our help to make the heavens and the earth.

I am trying to enjoy a totally nooze-free Sunday–haven’t even read any nooze today, and don’t intend to. The mess will still be there tomorrow; they won’t clean it up while we sleep.

I’d like to mention, though, that yesterday we received another box of COVID testing kits which we didn’t ask for and don’t want. This is a scam. The crooks bill Medicare $100 for every so-called “test” they ship out. It’s another way of fleecing the public. We don’t even know if these “tests” are safe, honest, or reliable.

Like somebody said, there’s a louse in every garden. We’ve got more than a few in ours. The Great Pandemic was an “Open, sesame!” for shysters.

Quokka University News

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Hello up there! Byron the Quokka here on behalf of Quokka University, where we’ve got a new motto: “You wanna be a platypus for the rest of your life?”

I am here to bring you the news that we won’t be bringing you any news today. I mean, who needs nooze on Sunday? And even if we were going to report any nooze, the only event worth mentioning is our Pickup Stix team’s victory over some American politicians who couldn’t understand the rules and kept trying to cheat while everyone was watching. Supposedly they get away with that at home.

This above photo, by the way, was taken by Fang Hsueh Ting, a character in Lee’s college Chinese primer. He doesn’t know we know about such things. Just because you’re in a textbook doesn’t mean you don’t exist!


Holding It In

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So I’m posting this gorgeous hymn, Blessed Assurance, and my wife starts reading me a nooze report of the latest country-sapping amoral skullduggery by another Democrat wheeler-dealer and his tame judge…

I almost rent my garment.

To go from Fanny Crosby to this… I mean, really–when you’re expected to know the names of sleazy politicians’ #@#%$ lawyers–! I will not do it! No, by cracky! I refuse to write about it; and I damned well will not write about it on a Sunday.

Well, all right, I did scream. But only once. Now I’m holding it in. Maybe I’ll let it out tomorrow. But this is the Lord’s Day and I will not write up any nooze. I just won’t do it.

Not unless I have to. And I don’t think I have to.