Companionable Mice

I once had a mouse who used to stand up on my palm and groom my mustache. I guess she liked it to look a certain way. When she had nine babies, she divided them into three groups of three and nursed them in turn. I know humans who couldn’t have thought of that.

Anyhow, mice make nice pets, intelligent and affectionate. The only down side is, they don’t live very long. If they did, the world would be overrun with mice and we humans would be their servants. Frightening to think of what a mouse could learn if it lived for 20 years.

10 comments on “Companionable Mice

  1. More frightening to think how MANY mice there’d be if they lived 20 years! We’re getting to be strangers in a strange land. Call me cold, but give me space. So you know humans who have 9 babies all feeding at the same time? No, I didn’t think of that either. -sarc. I’ll have to wait until lions lie down with lambs before I even look at a mouse without screaming.

    1. Now we’re talking rats. Under socialism, a mouse would be born a rat and not know it. But some will be born a rat and know it because they’re evil. And the evil ones will collude to control all the other rats. They will bringing together all the evil rats from around the entire world to force the good rats to serve them. But the good rats will stop breeding. There won’t be enough good rats left to serve the evil rats and they will fight among themselves. Then the good rats see their opportunity to fight back and win back. They start breeding again and forget all about the evil rats. And that, my son, is how socialism dies. Until the next time…

  2. Mice are such cute little guys. I know that they are a source of problems if you are storing grain, etc. but somehow I think their intended place in creation, before the fall of mankind, was much more benign.

  3. We had hamsters before we switched to rabbits. You could put them in a plastic ball and they would run all over the house – hilarious. But whenever my wife saw a field mice in our house she would let out a blood-curdling scream.

    1. I wish I’d had one of those plastic balls for my mice, just for their enjoyment; although the ones I let run around always came back to me.

    2. I’ve heard hamsters, and they are adorable! I know mice are very similar, it’s just the tail on the mice that freak me out. I don’t know why. It’s just a psychological thing. But I also know they are destructive. One just got up in my son’s engine and ate the wiring harness, tube for the coolant for the turbo and something else to the tune of over $2,000.00 damage. We know it was a mouse because it was still in there. Keep them caged and fed and they are fine! LOL

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