Mayor Ousted for Voter Fraud

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The mayor of the town of Gordon, Alabama, has been expelled from office after being found guilty of felony voter fraud (

Gotta start somewhere.

Mayor Elbert Melton, uh, won the election by only 16 votes. Well, he made sure he won, didn’t he? Filling out absentee ballots without the absentees. The jury took only 45 minutes to find him guilty. If you went out for popcorn, you missed it.

Now the town has to have a special election.

We conservatives say voter fraud is rampant in this country–and very little is done to ensure the integrity of our elections. Votes by the dead, by fictitious persons, votes by illegal aliens, multiple votes by the same person, “vote harvesting” by union “organizers” (formerly called “goons”), the sudden discovery of “lost ballots,” all filled out for Democrats, in the trunk of someone’s car–it’s all right there in the Democrat playbook.

Prediction: In 2020 they’ll pull out all the stops, and there will be a voter fraud tsunami like we’ve never seen before. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, more votes will be cast than there are voters to cast them–and all those extra votes will be for Democrats.

This will be hard to overcome. May God grant that we do.

Don’t you just love it that our country’s neck is on the block in every election anymore?

8 comments on “Mayor Ousted for Voter Fraud

    1. I forgot to mention another Democrat trick–funding an “independent” third-party bozo to siphon off votes from the Republican candidate.

  1. And of course any attempt to stop the fraud is called “voter suppression.”

    Well, technically, I suppose it is a form of suppression, considering that it’s trying to suppress people’s attempts to vote multiple times, vote for other other people (alive, dead, or nonexistent), vote in spite of being ineligible to do so, and intercept and change other people’s ballots.

    1. Don’t you love those “key districts” where Democrats win with a 130% voter turnout?
      I’m coming to believe this party is a bigger threat to our republic than Tojo ever was, even if they’re not sinking ships and killing people.

  2. When illegals can get drivers licenses in California, plus you don’t have to show ID when you vote, how many fraudulent votes do you think get cast? Or should I say how many tens of thousands of fraudulent votes get cast.

    1. California has voter fraud down to a science, and now seeks to export it to the rest of the country. I fear for our future.

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