‘The Future of Democracy’ (Oh, Please!)

Photos of Joe Biden Eating Ice Cream

Here he is in one of his increasingly rare lucid intervals.

Crapmeister-in-Chief SloJo Biden last night warned Americans that “the future of democracy” is on the line in next week’s midterm elections (https://www.haaretz.com/us-news/2022-11-03/ty-article/update-5-biden-warns-election-deniers-pose-threat-blames-trump/00000184-3ad0-d46d-ab96-bafb924b0000).

SloJo launched a pre-emptive strike on “election deniers,” them being such a mortal threat to democracy and all. Here’s how I interpret it:

“We’ve gotta keep our power, we’ve gotta win these elections, so of course we’re cheating, we couldn’t possibly win if we didn’t–and come Nov. 9, any Republican who accuses us of cheating is A Threat To Democracy!”

Tens of millions of us are convinced the 2020 election was rigged to put Biden in the White House. Hmmm… If it were 51% of us who thought so, wouldn’t “democracy” require that to be the official position?

Lessee, what do you suppose really is a greater threat to our republic? (They keep calling it a “democracy,” but it isn’t. The Constitution guarantees each state in the union a republican form of government.) People saying the 2020 election was something less than honest… or runaway inflation, feckless foreign policy, massive governmental corruption, transgender mania, zillions of illegals rushing over our un-enforced southern border, Critical Race Theory in our schools… or Dodderin’ Joe himself and the idiots with which he is surrounded?

Take all the time you need to think about it.

Sheriff: Election Laws ‘Shattered’ by Fraud

Elections Commission rejects Racine County sheriff's claim of voting  violations at nursing homes | Local Government | madison.com

Election integrity? Not in the nursing homes!

No matter how hard our Free & Independent Democrat Nooze Media tries to bury it, the story of the 2020 election just won’t go away.

The sheriff of Racine County, Wisconsin, has just completed an investigation which, he says, shows that election laws in his county were “shattered” by voter fraud (https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/elections/wisconsin-county-sheriff-reveals-findings-investigation-election-law). Most of the blame, he says, ought to go to the Wisconsin Elections Commission for making no meaningful effort to protect the integrity of the election. The commission, of course, has rejected the sheriff’s findings.

The sheriff said he started his investigation after receiving reports that cognitively impaired nursing home patients had been sent absentee ballots that they didn’t request and then “voted”–even the ones who were actually dying at the time. The complaints came from patients’ relatives.

So here’s yet another jurisdiction where phony voting has been proved. Anybody gonna go to jail for this? Stay tuned.

The Loving Left: At It Again

Scratch a Democrat, find a thug.

A Democrat “consultant” recently appeared on a taxpayer-funded PBS nooze show in Arizona and said “If they [Republican legislators] don’t change the statute… they should be shot” (https://www.theblaze.com/news/democratic_pundit_arizona_shot_herstam).

Who loves ya, baby? If this were to happen, it wouldn’t be the first time some deranged leftid attempted to assassinate Republicans. The last one was a Bernie bro who tried to massacre Republican Congressmen playing baseball. Rep. Steve Scalise was almost killed. Cops killed the gunman before he could hit anyone else.

Half a billion bucks a year we shell out to PBS. And this is what we get for it. The host had a little giggle for his guest’s witticism. I’m not mentioning these clowns by name. If you really want to know, click the link.

And what, pray tell, was this statute that so urgently had to be changed?

Democrats want Arizona’s election laws changed this year to permit an “all-mail election,”  all votes by mail, no polling places. It’s a shabby, stupid idea that does nothing but make it easier for Democrats to cheat. How many Republican votes would be “lost” in the mail? How many extra Democrat votes would be received? But if we don’t let them cheat, we should be shot.

This reminds me of the 1957 baseball All-Star Game, when Cincinnati fans stuffed the ballots and “elected” their whole starting team as the National League All-Stars. It was pretty shabby then. It’ll be just as shabby now.

America urgently needs the Democrat Party to be put out of business forever, after getting totally crushed in this year’s elections. It’s also time we defunded PBS.

Can you imagine the howl that would’ve gone up if some guest had suggested shooting liberals? I don’t know of any PBS host who would’ve chuckled over that.

Maybe we could afford to be a little less thin-skinned if we could manage to believe they didn’t mean it.

But I think they do.

What’s at Stake This Year

The Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ is at war with the kingdoms of this world–and none of us can be on both sides at once.


We haven’t seen that headline yet; but if Democrats win this year’s elections, we will.

With their own mouths, and by their own actions, they tell us what we can expect from them:

More abortions, right up to and including the moment of birth.

Criminals rewarded instead of punished. Chaos in our streets. See what has happened to San Francisco, Detroit, Seattle, and other Democrat utopias.

“Transgender” as a “right” that everyone must recognize and “celebrate”–or else.

All kinds of draconian restrictions on our freedom, and assaults on our prosperity, all in the name of Saving The Planet from imaginary Man-Made Climate Change. And when nothing happens, they can smirk at us and say “See? It worked!”

Gradual abolition–or maybe faster than I think–of the right of self-defense. Even unarmed self-defense will be unlawful. Ask the Democrats in the Virginia legislature.

An end to all meaningful attempts to curb illegal immigration.

If you stay home on election day, or throw away your vote on some quixotic third-party nonentity, you will, for all practical purposes, be voting for all of the above and then some.

The Democrat Party must not just be defeated. It must be permanently defeated. Put out of business. Discarded forever. There is no time to spare for such inanities as “But the Republicans are just the same!” etc. The time to deal with the GOP’s offenses is later. They have a lot of rotten apples that need to be tossed out of the barrel.

In the long run Christ Himself will establish His Kingdom on the earth.

And He will know who was on His side, and who wasn’t.

What Does the Poll Mean?

See the source image

To hear the nooze media and Hollywood tell it, we Americans are a Far Left Crazy nation with a handful of deplorables colluding with the Russians to stop progress. But Gallup’s tracking poll says we conservatives outnumber liberals, nationally, by nine percentage points.

Nine points, to put it as simply as I can, is not enough.

Nine points is not enough to overcome voter fraud, corrupt government agencies who’d rather play politics than do what we pay them for,  the hostile nooze and “entertainment” media, neo-Stalinist colleges, public schools controlled by Far Left teachers’ unions, and the natural inclination of normal people to live their lives and ignore the freakin’ politics.

We should be uneasy with the fact that Democrats last year took over the House of Representatives after two solid years of public tantrums that should have massively alienated normal people. Antifa riots, the Kavanagh hearings, “The Problem of Whiteness” workshops in virtually all of our publicly-funded universities–really, what do these people have to do to get our dander up?

Be warned. If Democrats ever again take control of the government, they’ll never let go: we’ll be stuck with them for the rest of our lives. There are things we must do, starting now and going all the way, to prevent the 2020 elections from being a disaster.

Go to the polls if you have to drag yourselves on hands and knees, and vote for every Republican on the ballot. Even the ones that stink: we can deal with them later.

Do not waste a vote on some quixotic third-party candidate.

If you have friends or family members who might vote Democrat, work on them until they cry for mercy.

And in the long run, take your children out of public schools before they’re totally brainwashed, and don’t send them off to any Far Left university where their professors will finish the job on them.

What? You want the Green New Deal? You want Open Borders? You want all that stuff the Dems are pushing?

God help us if you get it.


‘Lands without Justice’

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In the months to come, it will be increasingly necessary to explain why socialism is immoral, and not an option for the Christian. Democrats have all but tattooed socialism on their skins from head to to; and in 2020 they must be defeated.

So what’s morally wrong with socialism? R.J. Rushdoony explained it in his book, Law and Liberty, published posthumously in 2009. The essay is an excerpt from Chapter 20.


Cut off from its moorings to God, the state is nothing but a crime family writ large.

Learn these arguments, everybody. We’re going to need them.

Mayor Ousted for Voter Fraud

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The mayor of the town of Gordon, Alabama, has been expelled from office after being found guilty of felony voter fraud (https://www.dailysignal.com/2019/01/22/voter-fraud-leads-to-removal-of-alabama-mayor/).

Gotta start somewhere.

Mayor Elbert Melton, uh, won the election by only 16 votes. Well, he made sure he won, didn’t he? Filling out absentee ballots without the absentees. The jury took only 45 minutes to find him guilty. If you went out for popcorn, you missed it.

Now the town has to have a special election.

We conservatives say voter fraud is rampant in this country–and very little is done to ensure the integrity of our elections. Votes by the dead, by fictitious persons, votes by illegal aliens, multiple votes by the same person, “vote harvesting” by union “organizers” (formerly called “goons”), the sudden discovery of “lost ballots,” all filled out for Democrats, in the trunk of someone’s car–it’s all right there in the Democrat playbook.

Prediction: In 2020 they’ll pull out all the stops, and there will be a voter fraud tsunami like we’ve never seen before. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, more votes will be cast than there are voters to cast them–and all those extra votes will be for Democrats.

This will be hard to overcome. May God grant that we do.

Don’t you just love it that our country’s neck is on the block in every election anymore?