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Are Dems Delusional?

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I’m still trying to figure out why Democrats have stopped pretending to be normal people. Do they know something the rest of us don’t know? Or are they simply delusional–as they were, going into Election Day, 2016?

How in the world do you campaign on their issues and expect to get elected? I mean, really, who’s going to vote for this stuff?

*We’re gonna repeal the tax cuts and raise your taxes!

*If you think Obamacare was bad, wait’ll you see “Medicare for All”!

*We are gonna open our borders wide, wide, wide, and anyone who wants to can come on in and get free stuff–plus an easy path to citizenship, so they can vote for the people who give them free stuff!

*We’re gonna go crawling back to the U.N. and beg them to let us back into their Climate Change treaties, we promise to trash our economy if that’s what makes them happy!

*We’re gonna throw you in jail if you refuse to believe in Climate Change, we’re gonna confiscate your guns, we’re gonna pressure your churches to do gay marriage…

This is what they’re selling–and who do they think is buying? Are there really all that many Far Left Crazies on the voter rolls? ‘Cause only Venezuela wannabes, which I guess is what the Democrats have become, are going to support these loony policies. That’s 19 or 20 percent of the vote, at most. For the remaining 30 percent, they’ll have to count on the bone-ignorant, illegals, fictitious voters, multiple voters–and the rest of their usual bag of tricks.

Anyway, they’re acting like they think you want their fun-pack–and why in the world are they thinking that?

We really do need to know the answer to that question.

Texas Probe Find 95,000 Fake Voters

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(Thanks to Susan for the news tip)

Without voter fraud, the Democrat Party would be a whisper in the wind. But they’re not without voter fraud, are they?

In Texas, an investigation by the secretary of state has turned up 95,000 non-citizens illegally registered to vote (https://sovereignnations.com/2019/05/30/texas-noncitizens-voter-rolls-election-hawks/?fbclid=IwAR3KAwIadam3tVb_Bc_FaftWSFt7LxKeUrUMI0vynuyFC3XeLUAuXr1a-LQ)–most of whom have, in fact, been voting since 1996.

So there are 95,000 cheaters on the voter rolls who shouldn’t be there, and now Texas wants to purge them off the voter rolls–and assorted Far Left Crazies have promised to sue to keep the non-citizens, who are there illegally, on the rolls. ‘Cause the whole thing with voter fraud, they say, is “a lie… to suppress minority votes.”

What do you want to bet that every last one of those illegals votes for Democrats?

And this is just the 95,000 whom they’ve caught. Can you even imagine how many illegal votes the Democrats pick up from California? New York? Illinois?

They’re stealing our country out from under us.

But, you know, assorted liberals wouldn’t be a bit sorry to put our country–and all the other countries–out of business altogether, so they could have their one-world Antichrist government. Yes, I said Antichrist. It wouldn’t start out that way, but it’d sure as Hell (not a figure of speech) end up that way. Erode the sovereignty and the integrity of any country by having people just pour in from anywhere and vote. They’d say first you have to destroy the existing laws before you can make new ones. Then everything’ll be just grand.

Everyone involved in voter fraud needs to go to jail and never be let out again.

Mayor Ousted for Voter Fraud

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The mayor of the town of Gordon, Alabama, has been expelled from office after being found guilty of felony voter fraud (https://www.dailysignal.com/2019/01/22/voter-fraud-leads-to-removal-of-alabama-mayor/).

Gotta start somewhere.

Mayor Elbert Melton, uh, won the election by only 16 votes. Well, he made sure he won, didn’t he? Filling out absentee ballots without the absentees. The jury took only 45 minutes to find him guilty. If you went out for popcorn, you missed it.

Now the town has to have a special election.

We conservatives say voter fraud is rampant in this country–and very little is done to ensure the integrity of our elections. Votes by the dead, by fictitious persons, votes by illegal aliens, multiple votes by the same person, “vote harvesting” by union “organizers” (formerly called “goons”), the sudden discovery of “lost ballots,” all filled out for Democrats, in the trunk of someone’s car–it’s all right there in the Democrat playbook.

Prediction: In 2020 they’ll pull out all the stops, and there will be a voter fraud tsunami like we’ve never seen before. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, more votes will be cast than there are voters to cast them–and all those extra votes will be for Democrats.

This will be hard to overcome. May God grant that we do.

Don’t you just love it that our country’s neck is on the block in every election anymore?

How to Spot Voter Fraud

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Oh, boy! Midterm elections next week! The noozies all tell us the Blue Wave is coming, gonna sweep Democrats back into office so they can repeal our tax cuts, impeach our president, and erase our borders.

If you’re wondering why the same electorate that elected Donald Trump would for no reason at all turn around and surrender the country to the Far Left Crazy, here are three signs that will infallibly tell you that an election wasn’t all it should have been: three signs that Democrats have been at work.

*”Ooh-ooh, look what I found!” It’s a close race, the Democrat has fallen behind, when suddenly, voila, presto–! Somebody turns up a previously-overlooked cache of uncounted ballots, in an attic, or the trunk of someone’s car: and behold, they’re all Democrat votes! And the Bad Guys win.

*More votes cast than there are voters in the district. Dems have got this down to a fine art. Somehow they never fail to win if there’s, like, a 130% voter turnout. There are several ways to perform this trick. Bus people from poll to poll in different towns. Bring people in from out of state. Have dead people and illegal aliens voting. Dems have mastered the whole gamut of vote inflation.

*The sudden materialization of a “Libertarian” candidate to siphon votes away from the Republican. It almost always turns out that these Libertarian candidates are financed by the Democrats to do what Libertarians do best–not win elections, but help Democrats to win by soaking off Republican votes. Republicans help this get done by offering weak-kneed, slack-jawed, lily-livered RINOs that conservatives really hate to vote for. The arrival of a “Libertarian” in the race almost always heralds a Democrat win.

The problem with these sure signs is that by the time you see them, it’s too late to stop the fraud. But (hint to President Trump) it’s not too late to punish it.

We, the voters, can do our part by voting against every Democrat we can. We need to put them out of business.

Unless, of course, you like high taxes, illegal immigration, transgender bathrooms, laws against holding the wrong opinion, and all the rest of the Democrats’ de luxe fun-pack.

Vote by Phone? Really?

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Nope, no voter fraud here!

If you’re worried about voter fraud–a Democrat staple for many years–in the coming midterm elections, here’s something that might make you worry more.

West Virginia, in 24 counties, plans to allow absentee voting via “smart” phones (https://pjmedia.com/election/w-virginia-announces-smartphone-voting-for-midterms-raising-serious-security-concerns/). We have learned to be on the lookout for skullduggery whenever anything is pitched to us as “smart.”

The technology will be provided by a company in Massachusetts called “Voatz.” Doesn’t that name just fill you with confidence? The idea is to make it easier for absentee voters–for instance, military personnel stationed overseas–to cast a ballot when there may not be a voting station handy.

Well, all right, we certainly want our military people to have their vote. And we are assured that this newfangled procedure “requires a heightened standard of identity verification for users than traditional absentee ballot processes.” We like that… provided it’s true.

We are up against a Democrat Party that has shown, times without number, that it will do just about anything you can think of to acquire votes. They’ve already got the dead vote, the multiple-voter vote, the illegal alien vote, and the fictitious person vote. So we would like to see proof that this high-tech innovation is not just another way of facilitating voter fraud.

If the military vote goes Democrat, I think that’d be proof right there that it was rigged.

But by then it’d be too late to learn that.

They Cheated and Still Lost

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Wow! Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State–the official who’s supposed to see that elections are fair and above board before certifying the results–has had to resign because of massive voter fraud (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Td-Q_jHwK4).

It turns out that, on this secretary’s watch, thousands of illegal aliens voted in Pennsylvania’s election–laundered into the system through a “motor voter” scam. “Motor voter” was Bill Clinton’s brainchild for quickly ginning up a lot of Democrat voters who otherwise wouldn’t be eligible.

So they cheated in the last election and still couldn’t bring home Pennsylvania for Hillary.

I have yet to hear of any voter fraud which has benefited any but a Democrat candidate. In fact, I wonder if they would win any elections at all without it.

‘Sanctuary Cities’–Lawmakers’ Lawlessness

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With laws shall our land be built up but with lawlessness laid waste.

That line, from Njal’s Saga, was written by an Icelander around the year 1280. In 1262, the proud, independent republic of Iceland succumbed to an epidemic of violent lawlessness and lost its independence. The writer meant for Njal’s line to be prophetic; but he was writing about something that had already happened.

Here in America today, more than 400 cities and towns, nationwide, have proclaimed themselves “sanctuary cities”–where America’s national immigration laws will not be applied, but purposely broken by these cities’ local governments–and vowed to defy President Donald Trump’s announced intention to cut off federal funding to cities that refuse to enforce the law ( http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-california-sanctuary-cities-20170125-story.html ).

At the same time, Democrats–virtually all the sanctuary cities are run by Democrats–insist that uh-uh, nosireebob, there’s no voter fraud, there are no illegal aliens voting, absolutely never happens… Yeah. And wait’ll you see what happens to Democrat voting numbers without illegals showing up. You could laugh if it wasn’t fraught with such serious consequences for our country.

The status quo is this. Democrat cities in Democrat states stock up on illegal aliens to pad their voting numbers in our national elections–and they don’t want it changed. That’s why they so fanatically oppose any voter ID legislation.

Take away the illegals, the dead, and individuals who vote several times each in an election, and you’ve carved out a huge chunk of the Democrat voter base.

Right now there’s a lot of big talk coming out of these cities: lawless mayors saying they won’t enforce the immigration laws and they don’t care what “Trump”–they refuse to call him “President Trump,” but hey, I felt just the same about that other guy, whatsisname–tries to do about it.

We’ll see how long the big talk lasts after the funds dry up.

Now, I’m listening. If you think there are really good reasons why the nation’s laws, enacted by the people’s elected representatives, should be flagrantly broken by mayors and councils in assorted cities, well, go ahead–tell us what those reasons are. Because I can’t think of any.

Texas: Machines Flip Trump Votes to Clinton

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They’ve started early voting in Texas, and there’s just this teensy-weensy little problem with it.

According to a number of voter complaints, the machines are changing votes for Donald Trump into votes for Hillary Clinton ( http://www.infowars.com/more-reports-of-votes-flipping-from-trump-to-clinton-in-texas/ ). Oops.

The complaints are coming out of Arlington and Amarillo and turning up on social media. The headline says “Election officials dismiss concerns” and are blaming it on “voter error.”

Has anybody seen any complaints about the voting machines switching Clinton votes to Trump? I haven’t. Have you? How come these complaints are all going just one way? Something about that smells bad.

If these voting machines are really so poorly programed that so many voters just can’t get it right, what are we doing, using such machines, in the first place?

As we know from Project Veritas and emails opened up to us by Wikileaks, election fraud is a staple of the Democrat Party and the Clinton campaign. And it’s not just crooked machines. It’s dead people voting, people who never existed voting, non-citizens voting, and real people voting two or three times in the same election. “Election officials” dismiss it all. Never happened, just move on, folks, there’s nothing to see…

When it’s your turn to vote, look twice, and then look again, to make sure the machine has recorded the vote as you intended it. Don’t take it for granted that your vote has been accurately recorded.

Remember this important Democrat principle: “If you can’t beat ’em, cheat ’em.”

We are not dealing with honest people here.

Voter Registration Forms to be Given for Trick-or-Treat

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According to not terribly reliable but really cool sources, Trick-or-Treaters in several key voting districts throughout our 57 states will be given voter registration forms when they knock on people’s doors this Halloween.

“All the kiddies have to do is sign ’em and show up to vote,” said C. James Bubo, director of You’re Never Too Young to Vote Democratic. “We’ve taken care of all the rest.”

Mr. Bubo said the project expects to improve on its 130% voter turnout in the last presidential election. “We’re going to be giving cash prizes to every child under 10 years of age who shows up to the polls in costume and votes for Democratic candidates.”

But doesn’t this constitute voter fraud?

Mr. Bubo was laughing too hysterically to answer the question.

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