Democrat Voter Fraud: It’s a Bad Habit

We’ve seen this before, haven’t we?

Election fraud must be like chain-smoking–a bad habit that they just can’t break.

In Bridgeport, Connecticut, voter fraud has emerged in a lawsuit challenging the alleged results of… the Democrat mayoral primary! (  Yup–an election for Democrats only, no Republicans involved.

Dig the pictures. Can you say “ballot box stuffing”? Didn’t these huckleberries know there were video cameras watching?

Sheesh, it’s your primary, whoever wins will be a Democrat. So you’re cheating on your fellow Democrats?

I guess they’re practicing up for 2024, when the cheating will be done on a national scale.

Voter Roll ‘Cleaning’ Leaves ‘Em Dirty

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“Nothin’ wrong here!”

Meanwhile, the states whose corrupted voter rolls were supposedly cleaned by the “ERIC” system… but it sure don’t look that way. (

Investigators studied Washoe County, Nevada, as the first of many evaluations of ERIC’s work.

What they found was thousands of…er, “voters” with home addresses that turn out to be vacant lots, parking lots, hotels, trailer parks, etc. Guess what party these “voters” will wind up voting for. 

We suggest that this pattern has been followed all over America, Atlantic to Pacific, north to south. Eighty million “votes” for SloJo Biden! Sorry–totally impossible to believe that.

We don’t know how many counties the investigations will cover; but quite a few states have tossed out ERIC, claiming it doesn’t “clean the voting rolls” at all, but only hides the dirt.

Toldja, didn’t we?

‘Voter Registration Forms to be Given for Trick-or-Treat’ (2016)

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Don’t forget to pick up those voter registration forms, kiddies!

At last! An election reform proposed by Democrats!

Voter Registration Forms to be Given for Trick-or-Treat

Since this proposal was first aired five years ago, they’ve changed it so that all the kids would have to do is collect already filled-out registration forms at all the houses they visit and, when their bag is filled, simply hand it over to their friendly community organizer. “The same can and will be done with ballots themselves,” adds Mr. Bubo.

Work continues on crafting a new Mandate to forbid criticism of The Party.

Will Georgia Judge Decertify 2020 Election? Design Toscano PD0093 Hear-No, See-No, Speak-No Evil Monkeys Animal Statue Three Truths of Man Figurine, 7 Inch, Polyresin, Bronze Finish: Garden & Outdoor

How much longer will “See no evil” work for Democrats?

Georgia’s forensic ballot audit has turned up six election witnesses who claim there were at least 30,000 fake votes cast… by people who do not exist. And if the judge finds their claims sustained by the evidence, he could decertify the election ( The auditors also want to look at 147,000 mail-in ballots that might not be kosher.

And of course we have ballot audits going on in New Hampshire and Arizona. The Maricopa County ballot audit in Arizona involves more than 2 million ballots. The Biden Regime is trying to stop it. Trying hard.

Democrat creed: If you can’t win clean, win dirty.

You would think that if they really, truly, had nothing to hide, they wouldn’t be trying to stop the audits; rather, they would welcome the chance to prove the election was on the level.

So far, the very scale of the crime has militated against its being rigorously investigated. What do you do, if you find irrefutable evidence of widespread voter fraud in a national election? Nobody seems to know the answer to that question. Judges keep refusing to hear cases. Is it because they’re afraid of what they might find? Are they afraid of riots, assassinations, arson, if they’re put in the position of having to do something about a crooked election?

I believe our country is in such deep trouble that we must pray for divine intervention.

But while we pray, we have to do what we can to get the truth out where everyone can see it. Whatever it is that we can do, pray that someone does it.


Now They Charge Him? Four Years Later?

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This voter fraud they’re all steamed up about.

Federal authorities have charged a Florida man with depriving others of their constitutional right to vote in the 2016 election… by duping them into thinking they could vote by text message, thereby moving them to cast invalid ballots (

Are they on the job or what? It only took four years to charge him!

All the dupees were supposed Hillary Clinton voters, some 4,900 of them.

I don’t know about you, but I’m suspicious of noozepaper articles that describe someone as “an alt-right troll,” as The Palm Beach Post has done. Have you ever seen or heard a noozie call a Far Left thug a Far Left thug? Not on this planet.

Coming off the most putrid and corrupt presidential election in our country’s history, this is the case they’re gonna prosecute? Some guy on Twitter? Really–how gullible did these 4,900 Rodham Rooters have to be, to fall for that? Sure, it’s wrong anyway: just because you’re a dumb bunny doesn’t mean you ought to be mistreated. But this is the FBI’s, the Justice Department’s, and the court system’s call to arms?

Something about it is giving off a nasty smell.

A Voat For Socile Jutstus!!!

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Our Stait neaded somb moar Voats for Joe Bydin so the Ballit Harvaster he comed heer “to” Collidge tooday whith a grate Big “bag” and he hadd us rite our Singratures “on” the ballits,, “as menny” as we Whanted untill “The” Bag it was full, i must’of wroted my “X” on a duzzin ballits and then he taked “themb” back to has themb “Counted”!”!

Then we “has” a Big Scair becose we wer All Tagetther on the Kampis and we wer So “Exited” that we fergot Socile Distintsing!!! And the Corny Vyris!!!!!!!! we are “all” goingto Dye!!! But then we Rebembermed that The Vyris it is all For Socile Jutstus and it woont “hurt” “yiu” iff yiu has a Riot,, so we hadded a Riot (i fourget waht we Riotid abuot, it duzznt mater!)!

I aslo did Voat for Hillery and Pressadint Obamma thay “are” My Hearos!!!!! it doughnt seeme Rihght “for thare” To Be ownly one pressadint!!!!!! But the Ballit Harvaster he tolled us “a lot Of things” “thay are goingto Chainge!””!! Somb boddy thay sayed we “are” all Goingto “get” Freee Tooission for Collidge tooo and that “is” Gooood Noose!!!!! I whant to keeep whirking “on” my Deeegree in Nothing Studdies untill i “get” my Batchlers thingy!!!!! And thenn I “can” be a Prefesser!!!!!!!!!!

We’ll Vote a Day Early

Image result for images of new jersey mail-=in ballot

We want to deliver our Official Mail-In Ballots today to the Secure Drop Box at the police station.

Each ballot came with several pages’ worth of instructions, which is probably enough to put off key elements of the Democrat voter base. Maybe they’ve outsmarted themselves this time, insisting on a vote by mail instead of in person, like it’s always been done. But they wished to sacrifice this election to their idol, Great Covid–and they’re counting on voter fraud to boost them back into power.

And then we can watch them murder our country.

If you have any intention of voting for any Democrat this year, please have the decency to sit out this election.

O Lord Our God! Deliver our country, once again, out of the hands of the ungodly and the wicked. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

I Don’t Have My Ballot

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Here in the Democrat dystopia of New Jersey, where brainless white liberals decorate their lawns with Black Lives Matter signs, our wretch of a governor decreed Universal Vote By Mail for this year’s national elections. As soon as they realized he didn’t have the authority to do that, the legislature hastened to enact the measure.

So we’re all supposed to get these ballots to fill out and mail in before Election Day.

Only I don’t have one.

Yeah, sure, most people have theirs by now. But I don’t. And when I phone the county board of elections to ask for a ballot, all I get is a robot that tells me that due to the high volume of incoming calls, they aren’t going to answer any calls.

As everyone who isn’t totally delusional knows, Democrats don’t have a hope of winning unless they can subvert the electoral process itself. “Vote by Mail,” an open invitation to fraud and a free pass to postal carelessness, is part of that. They’ll see how many votes their guy needs to win, after Election Day is over–and, as if by magic, those votes will appear.

They will gladly destroy our republic, if that’s what it takes to get them back into power. Do you think Keith Olbermann is kidding about wanting to prosecute Donald Trump’s supporters? Do you think they’re kidding about making “climate change denial” a criminal offense? And meanwhile, while they’re waiting for the White House, they’re letting dangerous criminals out of jail and giving rioters the high sign in every city they control.

If they win, we lose. We lose our country.

They are the enemy, and they must be defeated.

(P.S.–I finally got through to the county clerk’s office, and they said they’d send me a ballot today. What happened to the ballot they say they already sent me is anybody’s guess.)

Stealing Mail-In Ballots

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Normally I don’t cover political nooze on a Sunday. But the time is growing short, and we need to know what we’re up against: because we need to turn out in overwhelming force to win this election and preserve our country.

In Escondido, California, someone’s been stealing mail-in ballots from residents’ mail boxes ( Nice, huh? Steam ’em open, destroy the votes for Trump, and only count the Biden votes. The Democrat Party in action.

We are told by assorted “experts” that voter fraud with mail-in ballots is virtually unknown.

Pray for the deliverance of our country. And work for it! We are up against real, solid, steaming-hot evil–and may God fight for us. Amen.

Death Penalty for Voter Fraud

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Because it strikes directly at the heart of our republic, threatens to discredit our electoral process and de-legitimize all our legal and political institutions, and causes people to lose faith in the honesty and fairness of the country–

Committing voter fraud, knowingly enabling voter fraud, funding voter fraud, and helping to organize voter fraud ought to be capital offenses. These are, after all, offenses against every American citizen and a threat to all our liberties.

When your republic fails, you don’t get something nicer. Usually you get a tyrant. Or it might be mob rule; that’s always fun. And you get a lot of dead bodies. History tells us so.

This is a fragile form of government and it must be maintained and defended. Corrupting the electoral process is a mortal threat.

Yeahbut, yeahbut! How else are Democrats supposed to win? You don’t think people would honestly vote for open borders and higher taxes, do you?

Well, if they can’t win without cheating, then they don’t deserve to be in the picture anymore.