Oops! Baby-Killer Dem Governor was Racist… in College

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CNN turned this disgraced Democrat into a Republican

Virginia Gov. Ralph “Kill ’em in the Womb” Northam is in a lot of hot water over his pictures in the 1984 Eastern Virginia Medical School Yearbook (https://www.apnews.com/347ad6bd706c48febcac1903b40dc24c). That’s, uh, 35 years ago–but Racism has an infinite shelf life.

His yearbook page includes a picture of someone in blackface posing with someone else in Ku Klux Klan regalia. Hard to identify anybody wearing a mask and a hood, or blackface. But Northam’s name is the only name on the page, and his picture is there, too.

First he apologized for being a Racist in 1984, but hours later, he said neither of the two gavones in the picture was him. What was it doing on his page, then?

Virtually every Democrat in North America has urged the governor to resign.

The problem, of course, is that Northam ignited the controversy during the week by supporting a radical bill permitting abortion during a baby’s birth–a bill that had to be quashed, once regular people found out about it–and going so far as to suggest womens-healthing the baby after he or she was born.

Every Democrat presidential wannabe is dumping on Northam this weekend–not for wanting to commit the premeditated murder of American citizens who happen to be babies, but only for his Racism of 1984. And remember–racism by People of Color against whites is endorsed, encouraged, and applauded by Democrats.

CNN to the rescue!

Faced with a colossal public relations problem centered on a Democrat governor, the wizards at CNN took nooze media bias a baby step farther and displayed Northam on the screen with the legend, “Gov. Ralph Northam|(R) Virginia” on their Friday broadcast. Yesiree, calling a disgraced Democrat a Republican is the answer to the problem! Dozens of CNN’s hundreds of viewers might even believe it.

America’s mainstream nooze media: the truth is not in them. Not even a little tiny bit.

[Editor’s Note: We are unable to confirm reports that CNN requires its employees to swear an oath, “Never tell the truth on purpose.”]

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