February: Let Slip the Dogs of… the Comment Contest!

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February is the shortest month, but it just may be long enough to find a winner in our latest comment contest.

Shooting for the milestone of Comment No. 40,000, we currently have 39,186, which means only 814 left to go. The tension, the drama, the excitement! And the winner gets to be a rodent!

Oops, didn’t mean to say that. The reader who posts No. 40,000 will win an autographed copy of Bell Mountain No. 11, The Temptation, which is just about ready to be released for publication. Everyone is eligible!

All comments are eligible, too, except for the following: comments abusive of anyone else on this site; comments containing profanity or blasphemy (I know that lets out a lot of liberals, but I can’t help it: let them clean up their act, if they can); commercials thinly disguised as comments; comments simply too inane to be published. Anything else goes.

44 comments on “February: Let Slip the Dogs of… the Comment Contest!

  1. Looking forward to transforming into a rodent indeed! Although, in the long run, I might get eaten by a hungry mamushi, or another wild animal… I’d rather turn into an elephant than a rodent… yes, I would…If I could…I really should…Oh, yeah…

    1. Since Jeremy went to bed, I will explain. A mamushi is a venomous snake found in Japan, also called the Japanese pit viper. It feeds mostly on rodents, but it also feeds on small birds, lizards, and insects.

    2. You have imparted this information to a lifelong reptile fan–thank you!
      I posted a video a while ago of the Japanese giant salamander (which of course is not a reptile, just a very large amphibian).
      How’s Japan fixed for lizards?

    3. It’s my pleasure, sir! We have a few lizards around our house, small ones, sometimes with very long tails. We also have a lot of geckos, which, I think, are part of the lizard family. We never had a gecko or a lizard as a pet. As a side note, Japan has over 65 reptile species. In addition, the mamushi is also known as the Japanese Copperhead.

    4. Its a Japanese cousin to the Prairie Rattler, except there are no rattles. 🙂 But it’s a pit viper, like a rattler.

  2. I would like to be turned into a squirrel. I love the way they make their way through the branches and twigs of the tall trees that surround my house.

    In our house we play a game where if someone does something out of order like leaving a cupboard door open or forgetting to put away something when done we call out “squirrel.” Who has the most squirrels in a day loses. I lose on a consistent basis. It’s a lot of fun – sure beats getting all out of joint or little nothings.

    1. Yeah, why not? I see no reason why not to be so bold as to post a comment.

  3. OK, guys, I can see you are turning this into a game, and it is a rather amusing one at that. I am no competition for you folks.

    1. Oh, don’t let them have all the fun!
      We are never too old to have fun.
      “Last of the Summer Wine” was on TV for 35 years with that premise.

  4. “My worst fear is that… I will be so overly excited that… I will tip over and… cap’s eyes!”–wise words by Jeremy Swanson

    1. “. . . Are you silly-ous?”— even wiser words by Admiral J.M. Swanson 🙂

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