Comic Relief: Bad Bowling

My momma always told me, “Never bowl with sticky fingers.” How right she was! It might help if your bowling shoes were just a little stickier, though. At least it would’ve helped a few of the bowlers in this video.

Never mind more news! Bowling like a space alien is something that everybody understands.

10 comments on “Comic Relief: Bad Bowling

    1. My exact comment, before reading yours, was going to be “and I thought I was bad at bowling”.

  1. Not many are this bad. I have watched the game at the local alley when my friends and I had lunch there. Some were not good, but none this bad.

    1. lol! What I imagine is this: I’m afraid that Hank’s bowling ball will be so overly heavy that… he will tip over… and um… and collapse-ize…

  2. Who knew bowling could be so dangerous.

    My parents were big bowlers so I bowled a lot growing up. When married, I joined the Whirlpool League and averaged 185. My partner had several 300 games under his belt. Once I even won a city tournament because of my handicap points. Haven’t bowled for years – maybe one of these days.

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