Colleges Demand Methodists ‘Change Beliefs’

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You said it, Paul Harvey!

Duke University–you remember Duke: it’s where a stripper can destroy several students’ lives with a single allegation that turns out to be untrue–has demanded that the United Methodist Church “change its beliefs” about homosexuality and other sexually aberrant behaviors (

Duke is one of 93 Methodist-affiliated colleges to sign a petition calling on the church to embrace sodomy, transgenderism, and anything else some depraved personality can think of. The new abbreviation is LGBTQ+; the “plus” stands for “whatever.”

Sorry, but anything supported by that many colleges has got to be wrong.

The Duke dorks cited the UMC’s “core religious and humanistic values.”

Did I read that right? “Humanistic values”? They don’t mean those values that sinful, fallible, rather stupid human beings invent on their own, do they? Oh–yeah, they do.

What they are demanding that the church do is reject the teaching of the Bible and replace it with the moral fumblings of the fallen world. But hey, if the Bible’s wrong about this, it’s probably wrong about a lot of other things, too. Whereas “humanistic values” can’t be wrong because they keep on changing and every political party, and every group of would-be rulers of the world, has its very own set of “humanistic values.” Silly old Bible–it’s the same for everybody!

How badly do the big flatline–oops, sorry: should be “mainline”–churches covet the praise of this world?

I guess we’ll soon find out. Whether they know it or not, they’re all in the process of answering Moses’ question, “Who is on the Lord’s side?” Their answer seems to be, “Not us!”

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