I Had a Dream

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I often work my dreams into my books; and I had one the other night that ought to fit in somehow.

I dreamt I discovered a neighborhood in my home town that I never knew existed–lovely old houses, street shaded by overarching trees, beautifully paved streets; long, sweeping hills; and nobody else around. I rode my bike up and down the neighborhood, exploring it, wondering how I’d missed it when I’ve lived here my whole life.

One street led to the beach, and I got off my bike and enjoyed that for a while. People playing in the surf. Kids playing tag.

Exploring another street, I found it gave way to a vast green meadow, sparkling green. I parked my bike and walked out onto the field. There a lioness was waiting for me; she rose up from the grass. I don’t know why I wasn’t terrified, but dreams are like that sometimes. Instead of being afraid of the lioness, I shared a romp with her–chasing each other back and forth. The lioness leaped and capered like a kitten.

Then I woke up.

I think that encounter with the lioness is something that must have happened, or soon will happen, in Obann.

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  1. That was a nice dream! I often have funny, exciting, or wild dreams, and I want to talk about them to my family when I wake up, but the problem is I forget what they were about.

  2. Your story reminds me of the writings of Ken Follett who writes almost as well as you do. It’s poignant and descriptive and is about a young boy with a good family, strong roots, caring and well cared for, exploring his environment and options and the first obstacle he encounters doesn’t scare him because he already well knows the difference between fact and fiction and that made him such a good fiction writer. Is that you?

    1. You’re on your own. We all are. The fears of my childhood are nothing compared to what I fear today, under the present circumstances.

    2. Liberals scare me. I know what they’d do, if they only had the power to do it.
      Just imagine, if you’ve got the stomach for it, what our country would be like now after two years of a Hillary Clinton presidency.
      Run screaming to the sidewalk…

    3. I can imagine obama 2 in 2024 and it keeps me up at night. You may have already seen this: https://www.naturalnews.com/2019-02-05-obamas-propaganda-cash-to-liberal-media-just-ran-out.html

      “Obama’s propaganda cash to liberal media has just run out… this is why we’re seeing layoffs among left-wing propaganda publishers”
      February 05, 2019 by: JD Heyes

      “According to Infowars, there is likely another culprit responsible for the news media hemorrhaging: The U.S. government, and, specifically, President Obama.

      “In a video segment of his popular talk radio program on Monday, host Alex Jones cited a July 2013 Foreign Policy report noting that the Obama administration repealed a “propaganda ban” ahead of spreading “government-made news to Americans.”

      “A bill was passed, executive orders were signed by a traitorous president [obama] to turn full control of the corporate MSM media over to the Defense Dept & the CIA to legally take taxpayer money [On screen: US repeals propaganda ban, spread government-made news to Americans] & paid CNN, Washington Post, NYT, your local TV stations, your local newspaper, to lie to the American people. Business Insider 5/21/12: “The NDAA legalizes the use of propaganda on the US public] passed in the Defense Authorization Act, the govt lying & paying the taxpayer money for fake news against the people.

      “[Obama] signed EOs putting $2 billion into the Propaganda Fund

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