Jersey Dems Push… Rain Tax!

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Nowhere for the water to go… but another tax will fix it!

(Thanks to “thewhiterabbit” for the news tip)

Closely watching events in Virginia, I missed this story here in my home state: New Jersey Democrats–having just upped the minimum wage to $15 an hour–are looking to enact a “rain tax” (

Cross the weather off the list of things you thought the Democrats would never tax.

What they want to do is set up a “stormwaters utility” that would assess property owners according to how much of their property is paved over. When it rains, the water can’t soak through the pavement and so wends its way into our streams, our bays, etc., picking up all sorts of pollutants–like herbicides–on the way.

So they want to solve a problem that they created in the first place by paving over every square foot that wasn’t paved over already.

Uh, solution to excessive runoff and ensuing pollution… Stop paving!

If you think this report is a satire–well, it’s not. Republicans are already predicting the next caper will be a snow tax.

In my home town, the disease of building is reaching a crescendo. Vacant lot full of gorgeous wild tulips? Pave it! Put up another high-rise! Imagine the number of people we can jam into this little space, if we just stack them on top of one another! ‘Cause the more people you’ve got crowded into your town, the bigger a big-shot you can be in the Democrat Party. And the more people you’ve got available to tax! It’s going to look like a set from The Hunger Games by the time they’re done with it.

But what do they care? They can afford to wall off their mansions and swimming pools against the unpleasantness outside.

13 comments on “Jersey Dems Push… Rain Tax!

  1. “if we just stack them on top of one another” is exactly the UN Agenda 2030 obama signed us up for. (I know you know this).

    “They can afford to wall off their mansions and swimming pools against the unpleasantness…” INSIDE. If we could only find a way to KEEP them inside.

    I expect there will be enforced installations of “smart” rainwater meters soon. Ch-ching!

  2. I think it’s a misnomer to call this a “redistribution of wealth” because it doesn’t fit the “to give to the poor” narrative. It’s more like a “transfer of wealth” directly into the pockets of the bureaucraps. Of course, they’ll claim it’s for infrastructure – of their own homes and pools. Don’t hear much about bridges about to fall anymore.

    1. Okay, money is not like matter – it can be created and destroyed. However, don’t they have plans to take our land, farms, water, air, “rain” and mineral resources as well? Every one of their globalist plans leads to the next one. They will be able to sell us out for trillions, control the population, bring in low wage workers, live like the elite believe they deserve (it’s never enough), and decades later rocket ship to another completely stocked planet using hydrogen fuel? Ok, I devolved a little at the end here. But the majority of these useful idiots that work for the 400 global elite families will NOT be part of their plans and won’t get a seat on their rocket ship because it will hold only 250,000 people. Ok, i’m outta here; i’m losing it – lol.

    2. I still say it wouldn’t be any fun for them to get rid of us–nobody left to pick on, lord it over, lie to, and try to force us to eat bugs. You can’t be a tyrant with no one to tyrannize.

  3. The yellow vest movement in France and the EU is because the elites in the central gov’t aren’t listening to the people. We have had the same problem here in America whether GOP or Dems in power. Then along comes Trump who speaks for the people and its Armageddon for the Left. At the SOTU Trump trumpets the gains economically and the Dems sit on their hands – what? are they against minorities getting jobs?

  4. You would think they could look at Venezuela and see our future and back off. Don’t think they will, though

    1. No–they look at Venezuela and say “Yeah! We want that!”
      You underestimate how much these big-shots loathe, hate, and despise ordinary people.

      If we disappeared, they would howl and gnash their teeth over not having us around to pick on anymore.

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