Bonus Hymn, ‘Just as I Am, Without One Plea’

This hymn came to me so strongly this morning that I just had to post it: Just As I Am, Without One Plea. It was my Aunt Millie’s favorite hymn. I can remember her humming it as she bustled about her housework: hearing it really brings that back to me. We wait, O Lord, for your restoration of all things.

Sung by the Antrim Mennonite Choir.

2 comments on “Bonus Hymn, ‘Just as I Am, Without One Plea’

  1. Oh, thank you for this one. It has been a favorite for many years, and in fact I recall from the time I was very young, this would bring tears to even the unbelievers who occasionally visited our church, and it occasionally brought some of them to the altar and onto their knees. We need a lot more of this.

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