Swedish Politician’s Just as Crazy as One of Ours


“What? You let the peasants vote???”

I feel better, now that I know my country isn’t the only one with loons in public office.

Sweden’s foreign minister went on a tear the other day, tweeting that Sweden “cannot forgive” British leaders for allowing their people to vote on Brexit (https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2019/02/14/swedish-minister-claims-democracy-decline-rise-populism/). And also “populism” is a threat to “democracy” and Europe’s gotta have “an offensive for democracy” to stifle all this populism.

Populism, and allowing the people of a country to vote on stuff–why, that’s un-democratic! I mean, really, what kind of democracy allows the people to vote on things?

The kook from Sweden also raked Hungary for a new public policy of offering tax breaks to Hungarians who have children. Hungary, she said, should be “ashamed” of wanting to increase its sagging population by having more babies. The only right way to do that, she babbled, is by shipping in hordes of Muslim immigrants. Yeah, that’s worked out really well for Western Europe.

And also there should be global nuclear disarmament. Nobody allowed to have nukes but China, North Korea, and Iran.

This woman is Sweden’s foreign minister. You gotta dig her diplomacy.

Do not expect any good to come of allowing idiots to run your country.

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