‘Little Kiddies’ “Racism” Up 33% in Britain, Government Says’

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Do we really hate our children so much as to sentence them to school?

It’s been three years since the people of Britain voted for Brexit, and they still don’t have a Brexit.

They didn’t get the chance to vote on whether they wanted their public “schools” to be used as people-crushing factories, but they still have that.  So… what you vote for, you don’t get; what you don’t vote for, you get–is that how it works?

Little Kiddies’ ‘Racism’ up 33% in Britain, Government Says

Government, police, and “educators” have teamed up to search out and destroy young children who perpetuate such Racist hate crimes as asking another child if he came from Africa. Society must be protected from this! We can scare people into loving each other! We hate hate! Blah-blah…

This is what serving false gods looks like.

Swedish Politician’s Just as Crazy as One of Ours


“What? You let the peasants vote???”

I feel better, now that I know my country isn’t the only one with loons in public office.

Sweden’s foreign minister went on a tear the other day, tweeting that Sweden “cannot forgive” British leaders for allowing their people to vote on Brexit (https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2019/02/14/swedish-minister-claims-democracy-decline-rise-populism/). And also “populism” is a threat to “democracy” and Europe’s gotta have “an offensive for democracy” to stifle all this populism.

Populism, and allowing the people of a country to vote on stuff–why, that’s un-democratic! I mean, really, what kind of democracy allows the people to vote on things?

The kook from Sweden also raked Hungary for a new public policy of offering tax breaks to Hungarians who have children. Hungary, she said, should be “ashamed” of wanting to increase its sagging population by having more babies. The only right way to do that, she babbled, is by shipping in hordes of Muslim immigrants. Yeah, that’s worked out really well for Western Europe.

And also there should be global nuclear disarmament. Nobody allowed to have nukes but China, North Korea, and Iran.

This woman is Sweden’s foreign minister. You gotta dig her diplomacy.

Do not expect any good to come of allowing idiots to run your country.

UK Teachers Vote: Sex Ed for 2-Year-Olds

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Every time I get myself geared up for a healthy breath of postmillenial optimism, along comes a story like this.

Across the Atlantic in Britain (which means it’ll be coming our way pretty soon), the National Union of Teachers–dig the acronym: NUT–has voted to teach very young children in nursery schools, some as young as two years old, about same-sex “relationships” and transgenderism (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4419808/Give-nursery-children-lessons-sex-relationships.html#ixzz4eZNdLQUn).

The NUTs say this is necessary, to “challenge homophobia and transphobia” and combat “hate crimes.”

Gee, you would think Britain was knee-deep in sodomites being tossed off the roofs of tall buildings by guess-who, along with angry mobs of peasants with scythes and pitchforks chasing after poor little transgender whatsits. Actually, the NUTs give no evidence whatsoever that “hate crimes” are a problem in Britain. No facts, no figures, no nothing. Just take their word for it so they can teach your two-year-old son that he ought to try being a girl for a while, he might like it.

Of course, libs and progs and gay activists never, never, never have to prove anything they say. It would be a hate crime in and of itself, to demand they prove their point.

OK, Britain, you tell us–why is this a good idea? Why do you just sit there and put up with it?

Well, all right, you did manage Brexit and that was a big job, well done. Maybe this ought to be the next order of business.

Because these loony “teachers” of ours, all throughout the Western world, are servants of Satan (whether they know it or not–and he enjoys it most when they say they don’t believe in him) and they are killing our culture.

O Lord Our God, give us strength and courage and lead us to victory over these worse than Philistines.

Anti-Brexit Jokes Falling Flat

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Liberals just don’t get regular people. They can’t understand why the rest of us don’t think it’s hilarious when they call us stupid, reckless, bigoted, etc.

British comedians are perplexed that audiences have been walking out on their anti-Brexit routines ( http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/04/05/london-comedians-shocked-england-not-laughing-anti-brexit-jokes/ ). Gee, who would’ve thought it? I mean, just because a majority of the country voted to leave the EU, obviously not as intelligent as the comedians and the dorks in London who voted to stay in… We should be so grateful to them for pointing that out to us–right?

They will never get it. They’d need functioning brains, and as liberals, they’re just plain out of luck in that department.

P.S.–Well, the ant video went onto Facebook easy as pie, so now let me see if this one will, too. Fingers crossed…

P.P.S.–Mission accomplished! So it looks like it’s just a problem with the URL (whatever that is) of that one article. And yet it did make it onto the Pat Duigon Facebook page.


Gore: Global Warming Caused Brexit

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Former Vice President Al Gore, who washed out of divinity school, has no more scientific background than your cat, and refuses to debate, now says Global Warming aka Man-Made Climate Change aka B.S. caused both Brexit and the Syrian civil war ( http://www.breitbart.com/video/2017/03/23/al-gore-global-warming-principal-cause-syrian-civil-war-brexit/ ).

Global Warming also caused Wanda Schlumpf to grow a mustache and Jasper Facehead to misplace his riding mower owner’s manual.

Gore, whose alarmist campaign has made him a gazillionaire, says the only way we can survive–or, sometimes, the only way to Save The Planet–is to set up a world government and give it absolute power over even the most minute and intimate details of our lives. Oh, and we should also give it all our money. Otherwise we’re all gonna die.

Brexit couldn’t possibly have been caused by lots of people in Britain resenting the European Union’s high-handed rules and regulations and the London elite’s obsession with becoming Citizens Of The World. Heavens no. Nor could the Syrian civil war have had anything to do with an inherently unstable, artificially constructed state finally cracking up because competing groups of homicidal maniacs couldn’t decide which of them ought to have the right to massacre the others. And certainly the imbecility of EU satraps inviting hordes of Muslim “refugees”–almost all of them able-bodied men of military age–into their countries to raise cane has nothing whatever to do with it, so help me Gore…

Nope–it’s all just some kind of global climatic determinism–

Wait, stop, I’m getting sick. I can’t stand much more of this. When this bag of crap explodes, watch out!

Can They Stop Brexit?

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PM Theresa May: “Oh, yes, we will!”

Lefties in the United Kingdom have learned from their American counterparts to go running to court every time they want to impose their desires upon the rest of society.

So now the Supreme Court in the UK has ruled, 8-3, that Britain can’t pull out of the European Union unless a vote by Parliament initiates the process ( http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-38720320 ). The government of Prime Minister Theresa May–the previous government opposed Brexit, and that PM resigned after the people voted for Brexit–has promised to carry out the wishes of the people.

Is this like trying to get out of a sucky time-share, or what?

Yes, we understand that, by UK law, Parliament is absolutely sovereign, which is why the judges said the referendum couldn’t decide whether Britain has to stay in its EU time-share or not. But it must be mentioned that Parliament agreed to let the people decide the issue in last summer’s vote.

Hang tough, Britain! You’re not alone. We here in America, and others all over the world, are with you in your fight to preserve and assert your independence in the face of insatiable globalist power-grabbing. We will not have a world government!

The globalists have no king but Caesar.

We have no king but Jesus Christ the Lord.

Oh, Boy! ‘Post-Truth’ Politics

[S]hall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect? God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar…   –Romans 3:3-4

The Oxford English Dictionary has selected, as its Word of the Year for 2016, the charming little term, “post-truth,” as in “post-truth politics” ( http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/news/oxford-english-dictionary-names-post-truth-word-of-the-year-w450650 ).

Somehow I missed that one. Post-truth politics is defined as repeated appeals to emotion, continuous repetition of talking points, and not bothering to answer facts offered in rebuttal. Disingenuously, this term has been applied mostly to the Brexit movement and to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign–as if it were any kind of truth at all that Britain ought to remain in the European Union no matter what, and, even more preposterous, that Hillary Clinton should have been elected president.

I’m pretty sure “post-truth” ought to refer to anything said by any member of the Democrat Party, anytime, anywhere.

Let us not forget that, for the past 20 yours or so, the sages at our collidges have been teaching that there’s no such thing as truth, there’s only “your truth” and “my truth” (even though their “truth” is always insisted upon as the only permitted point of view)–and this teaching has borne fruit.

Go ahead, just try to get some true truth out of the nooze media, the government, Hollywood, or any public school or university. Let everybody know if you succeed!

But we are sure God wishes us to tell the truth, and value it, and resist the post-modern fetish for lying.

Britain, Beware!

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In the wake of the vote to leave the European Union, Britain has a new prime minister and a lot of Americans are confused about it.

Bear in mind that the Brexit vote was a referendum, not an election: the parties in power are still in power. And still in favor of remaining in the European Union, regardless of the people’s vote.

It’s as if we Americans had passed a referendum calling upon Congress to restore our freedom of speech and our religious liberties, but left the Obama regime in power. Lots of luck with that!

We last heard from the new prime minister, Theresa May, back in January of last year, when she was Home Secretary. Reacting to terrorist incidents in France, Ms. May proposed some draconian measures that struck us as both absurd and dangerous ( http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/11202290/Sharia-law-or-gay-marriage-critics-would-be-branded-extremists-under-Tory-plans-atheists-and-Christians-warn.html ).

Her swell ideas included: 1) making it unlawful to criticize Islamic sharia law; 2) for good measure, making it unlawful to speak against homosexual pseudo-marriage; and 3) requiring “extremists”–that is, anyone deemed by the government to be just awfully naughty–to get permission from a judge before they published anything anywhere, including on their own blogs or Facebook pages.

Ms. May is–ahem!–a member of the Conservative Party: although what on earth these people propose to conserve, other than institutionalized wickedness, is out there with the sound of one hand clapping. The soft-core Stalinism of Ms. May and her cohorts is not something to be taken lightly.

So Britain has a long way to go before Brexit becomes a done deal, and is in the hands of those who will undo it if they can.

We support and pray for their efforts to regain their freedom.

But it won’t be easy.

The Globalist Sky is Falling

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When the people of Britain voted the other day to secede from the European Union, there was great wailing and gnashing of teeth among the Citizens of the World crowd. They don’t want to be British! They want to be transnational. Or whatever.

Gee, too bad they don’t have what we have, here in the USA. Here, when liberals get an election result that they don’t like–e.g., Proposition 8 in California, reserving marriage to one man and one woman–they can always find a Democrat judge to overturn it. I guess they don’t have that in Britain.

Since the late 19th century it’s been fashionable among self-admiring leftids to despise their own countries and pine away for various kinds of super-states.

Note: The root of this ideology is religious. Unable to believe in God, in Jesus Christ, humanists must look elsewhere for their salvation. They always wind up looking in the mirror for it. Their spirits can soar no higher than good ol’, great ol’ Homo sapiens and those glorious extensions of himself, the state and Science. That these institutions cannot deliver salvation doesn’t seem to matter.

No one can blame the Europeans for trying to prevent world wars from sweeping across their continent. But they refuse to see war as arising from the sinful human heart. They seek an institutional origin. That way, all they’ve got to do is tweak and tinker with their institutions, and voila!–they’ll have perfected man himself.

Before long the smoke of Brexit will have blown away, the stock markets will right themselves, and normal people will discover–if they didn’t already know it–that they never did need the EU to carry on trade, to enjoy peaceful and friendly intercourse with other nations, or any of those other things that are routinely done when a nation’s heart is right.

All they’ve lost is some unelected bureaucrats in Brussels to tell them what to do.

P.S. to Regular Readers: I’ve just returned from the hospital. Poor Aunt Joan! It distresses me to see her confined to a bed, etc. But she is much, much better than she was on Thursday, and it looks like she’s going to pull through. Please keep praying for us, folks. I do appreciate it!