‘Pay What You Want’ Goes Belly-Up

What if you opened a restaurant where customers could order anything on the menu and then pay whatever they pleased for it? “Thank you for that delicious broiled seafood platter, my good woman! Here is a nickel. Don’t spend it all in one place!”

Well, Panera Bread tried that in its chain of restaurants–“Take what you need, leave your fair share” was the slogan–and for some mystifying reason, is going out of business. As of tomorrow, no more Panera restaurants (https://pjmedia.com/trending/panera-breads-socialist-pay-what-you-want-experiment-fails-miserably/).

How come all these socialist experiments fail so miserably? Like, they don’t even work when you have guys with guns standing over everybody and threatening to kill you if you don’t obey.

There is a difference between charity and stupidity. Socialists don’t know the difference. One reader, commenting, called the whole business a “virtue-signalling stunt.” Hit that nail right on the head.

Many restaurants donate leftover food to various charities. More would do it, if the government didn’t interfere: they like to control everything, you see.

But who are you helping when you freakin’ go out of business? Certainly not your suddenly-jobless employees. Certainly not any poor people who show up at your boarded-up windows.

Here is something that SJWs and other nincompoops don’t know and can’t understand. You have to make a certain level of profit, or else your business simply won’t survive. If they were in the real world, they would see that in action every day.

If you want to give a lot of money to charity, you have to have a lot of money. Yeah, but! In socialism it’s other people’s money that you give away! Go stand in front of a Panera restaurant tomorrow, sunshine. It’ll teach you a lesson in socialism.

9 comments on “‘Pay What You Want’ Goes Belly-Up

  1. Gee, who would have thunk? The pilgrims also tried an experiment with socialism and nearly starved to death. Socialism will never work because it doesn’t cooperate with human nature.

  2. I wish that the world was Edenic. I like to work, but I’d be quite happy tending my own vine and dig tree. I could do without all sorts of the modern conveniences, so long as I had sustenance. I’d miss my electric guitar, but it would be worth it all to live a natural, simple life.

    But we don’t live in Eden, and even when all is restored, we may not have things quite like Adam & Eve. The world is a bit more complicated than that. We all want to return to paradise, but it’s not humanly possible and giving away restaurant meals won’t pay the bills.

  3. I’ve heard people criticize St. Paul for saying that “anyone who will not work should not eat,” but I’ll bet his dictum produced not just more work but also more to eat that ditzy Ocasio-Cortez’ offer of taxpayers’ money to all who are “unwilling to work” would do. Probably St. Paul’s way produced a safer and happier society as well. Something about self-respect and respect for others, maybe?

  4. This was just one of their stores trying this experiment that went south. The Panera Bread Co. store in my town is a gold mine (I think they are over-priced).

    Americans have lost sight of the reality of human nature – we are all sinners, and apart from regeneration humans are evil (Jesus’ words, not mine). Remember Jesus warning that we live in an evil and adulterous generation?

    1. I misunderstood my source. The stores that closed are “Panera Cares,” a subdivision of the Panera Bread Co.

      I’d feel bad about having a meal, prepared and served by other people, and not paying a fair price for it. But I guess there are a lot of folks who’ll take something for free whenever they can.

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