Flash! How to Make a Lizard Go to Sleep

I had a couple hours’ worth of errands to do today, I am so far behind in my work, I’m fed up with the nooze–

But I couldn’t take a break without sharing this vital information with you all.

I’ve tried this with a lot of different kinds of lizards, and it always works: if you want the lizard to go to sleep, rub its belly. I’m told it works on alligators, too, but can’t vouch for it.

Does anybody know if it works on celebrities?

7 comments on “Flash! How to Make a Lizard Go to Sleep

  1. There’s something very reassuring about seeing an animal that most people would think of as almost mindless, able to experience a simple pleasure, such as being stroked on the belly. This tells us much about our Creator and also, the value of all life.

    1. I’ve had many lizards as pets, many different kinds, and I’m here to tell you they’re by no means mindless. Their minds work very differently from mammals’ minds. It’s easier for us to see intelligence at work in a cat, a dog, or a mouse. But lizards do learn from experience, they do adapt to (for them) strange surroundings, and in their own, non-mammal way, can show affection.

      It’d be easier to explain this if you’d ever had slowworms as pets.

    2. As time goes on, I learn that animals are a lot smarter and a lot more capable than what the schools taught me about animals.

  2. Whenever I sub for a Pre-School teacher, during the mandatory afternoon nap time, I am often asked to run the back of those students who aren’t able to fall asleep – and it works.

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