Doctor’s Verdict: I’m OK

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Thank you, everybody, for your prayers: God must have heard them, because the doctor told me this morning that I’m doing very well–nothing wrong with me that some fish oil capsules won’t cure. That’s for lowering my cholesterol, and I can live with that. Everything else, he said, is just my body aging.

Meanwhile, I would much appreciate it if you’d all continue to pray for my wife. We are two wheels united by the axle of our marriage, and if one can’t turn, neither can the other. You should’ve seen the work she did, preparing our taxes–and without the fatzing instruction booklet, which did not become available to us until yesterday, literally just an hour or two after she’d finished her colossal amount of work. Patty always sticks with a task until she’s done it: an inspiration to me.

9 comments on “Doctor’s Verdict: I’m OK

  1. Great news. Thanks for the update. Prayer always works. Sounds like Pat does, as well. I remember all the labor over taxes I used to have to do. Aint fun.

  2. Praise God! Now all you have to do is bring down your blood pressure from the scare the doctor’s phone call gave you. (eyes rolling) I continue to pray for you and all your intentions every day.

    Taxes … oy vay. However, I actually found the new Federal tax forms easier to fill out than the old ones — but the instructions were just as intimidating, until I figured out that most of them didn’t apply to me. Of course that’s because my income is entirely pensions and I don’t have a mortgage, business expenses, or (thank God) enough medical expenses to itemize. I did have to change my homemade spreadsheet template to accommodate the new forms, but that wasn’t difficult and now I’m ready for next year … unless they change the forms again. And it was kind of fun tinkering with my spreadsheet.

  3. Both of you are always in my prayers!! Apprehension? I’m sure your blood pressure went back to normal when you left the dr’s office. Enjoy your fish capsules. I’m all for supplements – they work, no side effects, no Big Pharma toxins.

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