The Bell Mountain Movie Contest, So Far

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So far our second effort at a Bell Mountain Movie contest is coming along a little better than the first, and better than the purely hypothetical “Name that Tent Caterpillar” contest.

Which is to say we’ve had only five or six readers play so far. That’s better than two or three, but still not up to the level of enthusiasm reached in Renal, South Dakota’s, annual “Cutest Click Beetle” contest. And I wonder how well I’d do here with a “The Crawling Eye Is My Favorite Monster Because _________” contest.

Now a couple of you have played our movie game with gusto: anyone who’s been reading the comments will know who you are. And a couple of you have played once. The remaining 1,000-plus subscribers have not played at all.

Let me, therefore, reconfigure some of the rules. (1) Instead of choosing the best cast overall, I will choose the four best picks for actors to play characters in the books. (2) This will make it possible for more than one player to win. (3) If there are more than four casting picks that really wow me, so be it: if you made one of those picks, you win.

I am thinking of awarding each winner an autographed official and bona fide Certificate in recognition of the reader’s wisdom, perspicacity, and good looks. This will save me a bundle on postage, and will allow me to hold autographed books in reserve for prizes in the comment contests. If anyone has any strong opinion of this idea, pro or con, I am at your service.

Note: So far some of your casting picks really have impressed me, and I’ll have to get busy rounding up the actors for screen tests.

Additional note: Only one more final editor needs to sign off on The Temptation, and then it’ll be ready for publication. I’ll announce it here as soon as I know it’s happened.

Meanwhile, c’mon, everybody! This will be my last effort to call more readers into the movie contest. Gotta be in it to win it, as they say in the Lottery commercials. Only this contest won’t cost you anything.


30 comments on “The Bell Mountain Movie Contest, So Far

  1. I really enjoyed your comment contest earlier; just FYI you are ahead of me with comments on your blog! Our blog finally just reached 35,000 comments milestone today

    1. “Arigato-gozaimasu” is the best way to say “Thank you” in Japanese, or just simply “Arigato.” “Doui-tashi-mashite” is “You’re welcome.”
      There’s a joke that “Doui-tashi-mashite” sounds like “Don’t touch my moustache!”

  2. Helki – Johnny Weissmuller
    Baron Roshay Bault – Loren Greene
    Baroness Vannet Bault – June Lockhart
    Jack – Jon Provost
    Ellayne – Shirley Temple

    1. What?!? You dare to say that to me? Who do you think I am, an unidentified oaf or something? I am the president of the Amalgamated Association of Morons!

      I’m a moron, bright and true,
      I will do my yell for you…

    2. I never watched it, but I searched for the monster’s picture on the internet. My other Monster ID (the pictures that appear on the comments) looks like the Crawling Eye a little bit…

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