‘The War on Normal People’ (2016)

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They’re after our scalps

*Batteries Not Included was still president when I wrote this, and he and his playmates fully expected Careless Clinton to be elected and spend the next eight years finishing the job they’d started–and finishing off America.

The War on Normal People

But a funny thing happened to Hillary on the way to the White House: thank you, Our Father in heaven. Every day shows us more and more what kind of cannonball we ducked in that election.

Now the Democrats are madder than ever; and if they get back into power, we will feel the full weight of their wrath. They will crush, ravage, and shred America.

Don’t let it happen.

5 comments on “‘The War on Normal People’ (2016)

    1. Actually, they have a huge voter base: the ignorant, the deluded, and the daft; illegal aliens; convicted felons; citizen of the world-type nincompoops; dishonest people who vote more than once. By harnessing the power of wickedness and folly, they will be competitive in any election.

  1. The twisted faces of these three satanic disciples are distorted with fiery rage that God interfered in their plans for 2016, and they now have to wait until, what they think, 2020, but what I think will be 2024. In the meantime, they clearly become more dangerously psychotic every day. How long can the Asylum of Congress remain a refuge for these demons? As long as we let it… So, ‘don’t let it happen” is our mission. We failed our mission in the midterms. Even if we’re not able to stop their terminal train, we shouldn’t ignore it. We are in its path. We are its target. This is not a political game between parties. There’s only one party, the globalists. The majority of us are not.

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