‘Lands without Justice’

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In the months to come, it will be increasingly necessary to explain why socialism is immoral, and not an option for the Christian. Democrats have all but tattooed socialism on their skins from head to to; and in 2020 they must be defeated.

So what’s morally wrong with socialism? R.J. Rushdoony explained it in his book, Law and Liberty, published posthumously in 2009. The essay is an excerpt from Chapter 20.


Cut off from its moorings to God, the state is nothing but a crime family writ large.

Learn these arguments, everybody. We’re going to need them.

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  1. Yep, our gov’t has been robbing us for years. In 1913 the Income Tax Amendment was only to be 1-2%, and that for just the very wealthy. Now Elizabeth Warren is calling for a 70% income tax on the rich. Gov’t may be a necessary evil (because humans are evil) but it got its nose inside the tent a long time ago. We need a new Reformation, a reconstruction of our country on all levels based on the Bible, not Carl Sagan.

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