Dem Big Wheel Convicted of Human Trafficking

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He coulda been a judge…

Texas Democrat mover and shaker, lawyer Mark Benevides, who was almost elected to a judgeship in 2014, has been convicted of six counts of human trafficking and could be sent to prison for up to 99 years (

Somewhat less cleverly than some of his criminal clients, Benevides made and kept videos of himself practicing his little tricks on defenseless young women. Investigators found the videos, a couple hundred of them, and showed them in court. One of the jurors fainted. Hint to aspiring criminal masterminds: don’t record your crimes on video discs and keep the discs around your house where cops will find them.

It seems Mr. Benevides used to accept sex as payment for his legal services, sometimes with the client, sometimes with women provided by a client. Sometimes he liked to torture them.

Now, just imagine what we’d be hearing from CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, and all the rest of the nooze media if this sexual predator had been a Republican instead of a Democrat. Instead of the silence, they’d be screaming from the housetops about “the Republican Party culture of sex trafficking” and signing up talking heads to nod sagely and speculate as to what percentage of Republicans gets involved with sex slaves. Oh–and it’ll be Donald Trump’s fault.

Hello, nooze media! How come you’re not covering this story? Huh? ‘Cause the perp was one of the Democrats’ up-and-coming stars, back in the Obama era? Well, he certainly had all the qualifications for it. Haven’t heard anything from #MeToo, either.

Go ahead, anybody, just try it: try to name a single perversion not fostered, promoted, and “celebrated” by the Democrat Party. You know you can’t.

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7 responses to “Dem Big Wheel Convicted of Human Trafficking

  • Phoebe

    Lee, you’ve said: “Now, just imagine what we’d be hearing from CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, and all the rest of the nooze media if this sexual predator had been a Republican instead of a Democrat…. [I]t’ll be Donald Trump’s fault.”

    Well, er, um, what makes you think they won’t say it’s Trump’s fault anyway? They’ve already blamed him for anti-Trump hate-hoaxes such as Jussie Smollet’s and the hoax against the Covington Catholic HS students, among other things. See, even doing illegal and hateful things AGAINST Trump supporters is somehow Trump’s fault. So the things done by the slimy bozo in Texas was probably Trump’s fault as well.

    Tsk. We have to get more “woke” around here. Do you think an alarm clock would help? 🙂

    • leeduigon

      If I knew what would help, I’d say so! We seem to be sleepwalking through this evil age, troubled by nightmares all the way.

      Pray harder. Sing louder. The earth is the Lord’s.

  • unknowable2

    Why do people continue to patronize the mainstream media? It’s not mandatory.


    Throw him in jail for a long time! Evil

  • thewhiterabbit2016

    I hadn’t heard this story anywhere – despicable. I do not listen to the MSM except our Local News program (CBS), and even then I fast-forward all their national news because it is so biased.

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